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Uber Relaunches #NYNeedsUber Campaign

We’re not giving up on this one. We’re going to continue to press forward until Buffalo lands Uber. Countless people in WNY remain baffled that ride sharing has not made its way to their front doors. According to Uber, there are 1.5 million residents outside of NYC who have the Uber app on their phones, yet cannot utilize the service. 

It’s hard to imagine that the reason that we still lack ride sharing in Buffalo is due to a restriction in the NY State Insurance Law. But that didn’t stop NYC from being permitted to access the ride sharing services. That nifty trick left Buffalo and other upstate NY cities out in the cold. It also tagged us as the only NFL city that does not have access to the ride sharing services that others take for granted.

Last year, hundreds of community leaders, elected officials and safety advocates, including Mayors Byron, Lovely Warren, Richard David, Stephanie Miner, Robert Palmieri and Kathy Sheehan joined the #NYNeedsUber campaign.

Not only are the residents here suffering from the lack of transportation amenities that other cities take for granted, jut think of the travelers and the businesses that look at this city as ‘backwards’ for not offering the convenience. Someone looking to relocate or bring a business to Buffalo is going to look at all aspects of its livability index. Is there a downtown football stadium? Is there a Metro Rail system to the airport? Is there FIOS downtown? Is there Uber?

Bringing a football stadium downtown has been a heavy lift for Buffalo. Same with the extension of the Metro Rail. Bringing Uber to Buffalo should not be considered a heavy lift. This city should have access to the same conveniences that other cities have. In this day and age, there is no excuse.

Join the #NYNeedsUber campaign today. Also, tell your elected representatives in the Assembly that Buffalo needs to be brought up to speed with this indispensable transportation service.

If you want to see Uber in Buffalo, sign this petition.

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