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Uber Relaunches #NYNeedsUber Campaign

We’re not giving up on this one. We’re going to continue to press forward until Buffalo lands Uber. Countless people in WNY remain baffled that ride sharing has not made its way to their front doors. According to Uber, there are 1.5 million residents outside of NYC who have the Uber app on their phones, yet cannot utilize the service. 

It’s hard to imagine that the reason that we still lack ride sharing in Buffalo is due to a restriction in the NY State Insurance Law. But that didn’t stop NYC from being permitted to access the ride sharing services. That nifty trick left Buffalo and other upstate NY cities out in the cold. It also tagged us as the only NFL city that does not have access to the ride sharing services that others take for granted.

Last year, hundreds of community leaders, elected officials and safety advocates, including Mayors Byron, Lovely Warren, Richard David, Stephanie Miner, Robert Palmieri and Kathy Sheehan joined the #NYNeedsUber campaign.

Not only are the residents here suffering from the lack of transportation amenities that other cities take for granted, jut think of the travelers and the businesses that look at this city as ‘backwards’ for not offering the convenience. Someone looking to relocate or bring a business to Buffalo is going to look at all aspects of its livability index. Is there a downtown football stadium? Is there a Metro Rail system to the airport? Is there FIOS downtown? Is there Uber?

Bringing a football stadium downtown has been a heavy lift for Buffalo. Same with the extension of the Metro Rail. Bringing Uber to Buffalo should not be considered a heavy lift. This city should have access to the same conveniences that other cities have. In this day and age, there is no excuse.

Join the #NYNeedsUber campaign today. Also, tell your elected representatives in the Assembly that Buffalo needs to be brought up to speed with this indispensable transportation service.

If you want to see Uber in Buffalo, sign this petition.

141 Crystal D. Peoples-Stokes East Buffalo

149 Sean Ryan Central Buffalo

142 Mickey Kearns South Buffalo

140 Robin Schimminger Kenmore

143 Angela Wozniak Cheektowaga

Written by Buffalo Rising

Buffalo Rising

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  • LancasterPat

    Hopefully we get Uber. Leave it to New York State and it’s anti-market, anti-choice, anti-growth, and anti-freedom political mindset to make us the last place in the country to not be allowed to have Uber.

    I’ve said it many times, if you vote for the statist politicians like Cuomo, Schneiderman or any politician that caucuses with the Downstate democrats, the fact that we don’t have Uber YOUR fault.

    • Joshua Martin

      Downstate has UBER …Right?

      • LancasterPat

        Yes, they made a carve-out in the insurance law for NYC, but left Upstate out of if.

        • Foomanschu13

          Which means the NYC house members have little incentive to approve any bill that comes through (it got shot down there last session)

          • LancasterPat


    • Bringing back Buffalo

      “anti-market, anti-choice, anti-growth, and anti-freedom”

      That’s a little much.

      • LancasterPat

        I don’t think it is. That’s New York State. They tax, regulate and restrict virtually everything they can possibly get away with.

      • Matt Marcinkiewicz

        libertarians gonna libertarian

  • Wally Balls

    I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again. We don’t have Uber yet because of the financial impact that would hit WNY from the lack income generated from DWI arrests. If we have safe alternatives to driving after imbibing (and no, unreliable price gouging taxis are not alternatives) then our region would see a dip in its cash flow and they would rather have that, than us be safe and sound.

    • theincrediblehoek
    • J G

      I’ve heard this a few times and I am actually starting to think that this is true. Special interest groups may have won this battle.

    • rubagreta

      Hey, someone should do a cost-benefit analysis. DWI arrests and fines down, but taxes from liquor sales and employment (need more bartenders) up. There you go!

    • Wise Profit

      I find that hard to believe. Do you really think DWI’s are a profit center for the court system? Think of how many people have to be paid to run a court especially if there are multiple appearances for the same DWI case. And your first DWI the fine is $500 – $1,000 according to the DMV website. The only people who make money in DWI cases are lawyers trying to get their clients no jail time.

      • Wally Balls

        $500 to a $1000? I’ve had friends with their first DWI pay upwards of $8500-10k, once the imposed “surcharges” are added, not including legal fees. I bet you believe a car dealers advertised price, too?

        • Irishkwh

          pretty scaring that you have multiple friends that have has DWIs

          Uber pays tax on all rides, plus the tax that is collected from gas each car uses and they then tax each driver on the income they receive. I bet at the end of the day, Uber tax payments are more than double of any DWI fines.

          Also, if our state is that F’d up that they want DWI arrests to generate tax income, maybe its time to vote Republican!

          • Wally Balls

            IDK if its “scary” but it is stupid. Cabs are robbery. Uber isn’t.

    • LancasterPat

      Wow, someone more cynical about government than I am.

  • Tim H

    If you want Uber in Buffalo and the rest of western and upstate New York, let your state assemblymen know.

    A bill allowing Uber here was PASSED by the state senate this past June. This bill would have required Uber to provide $1 million in insurance coverage for all Uber and Lyft drivers, which all were on board for. (Important to note, traditional taxis outside of NYC only need to have $50k in insurance coverage.

    Assemblymen Sean Ryan (Buffalo) and Kevin Cahill (Kingston) refused to pass the same bill that passed the senate, and instead introduced an unpassable bill that would have required Uber drivers to have $1.5 million in insurance coverage….30x that of traditional taxis. Ryan and Cahill had the support of not only the taxi companies, but also the New York State Trial Lawyers association, of which both are members of. This is a money thing… not a safety thing.

    Long story short, let Sean Ryan and Kevin Cahill know that Buffalo wants ride sharing, and that we’re tired of being left behind the rest of the country, all while NYC isn’t…..

    Kevin Cahill and Sean Ryan both have phones and Facebook pages. Let them know what you want…..

    • OldFirstWard

      The Conservative member of the NYS Assembly, Angela Wozniak is not worried about ride sharing, she is sharing men, Didn’t she have an affair with her intern or staffer just months after starting her term. She did not seek re-election.

  • Justin Southern

    I’m from Columbus and travel back every 2 weeks. Uber is amazing, easy and convenient. I never used taxis, but the wife and I use Uber every time when in Columbus. I’d also like to add #BuffaloNeedsAmazonPrimeNow. And if you don’t know what PrimeNow is, you ARE missing out.

  • Geiger

    A couple of facts about Uber/Lyft/etc…

    1. DWI arrests/accidents drop in cities with Uber (Should be a good enough reason here)
    2. No proof that Uber is more dangerous than taxis. (Personally, I have ridden with more than 1 taxi driver under the influence)
    3. Uber drivers work for themselves, Taxi drivers work for taxi companies.

  • A-BuffalLover

    No one has posted this comment yet, so allow me….

    Liberty Cab sucks! Cars are dirty, smell of smoke and my favorite is when they don’t have meters. They will tell you that it is because it is a “car service.” I tell them…” I didn’t call a car service, i called a cab.”

    They are awful…terrible….let’s get Uber.

    • AnonnyMau

      Let me add, the taxi companies are crying for a fair playing field but they havent considered they are a legally monopoly in this game and also that their prices are stupid expensive compared to UBER, they should lower their prices if they are talking fair… A cab from my house to the airport cost 50 dollars. Uber would have been $15!!! Too bad everyone wont boycott the taxi companies until Uber is brought here..

  • John

    Is Wosniak the Assembly person for Lancaster? Doesn’t see to be many updates since May

  • John

    I actually needed a cab to get my car I left at a bar a few years ago… Called around for a cab so I could get my car. My car is still at the bar. – Ha Ha… Seriously though, I couldn’t get a cab in the morning so I had to wait a few hours for a buddy to take me… Buffalo has had the tendency to be behind the times in the past… Maybe it is because we vote in weak self serving leaders, because getting UBER should not be a difficult endeour.