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Petrichor joins up with Buffalo Paint & Wallpaper

A new small business collaborative dedicated to interior floral home arrangements and exterior lawn care is opening on Hertel Avenue. The unlikely business relationship came about when Denis Guerin (Petrichor Flora – photo left) met Dr. Tim Vanini (New Dimensions Turf) discovered that they shared a passion for botanicals. The two realized that they both had the same sensibilities when it came to dealing with the holistic approach of maintaining aesthetically pleasing environments inside and outside of the household. Denis does this by providing floral arrangements to residential and commercial clients. Tim does this by making sure that people have healthy and vibrant front lawns and scapes.

In addition to being full fledge floral company, providing delivery services and event services, big and small, Petrichor, excels in offering myriad indoor outdoor home services.

The partnership between Denis and Tim solidified when Denis met Laura Fulciniti (photo middle), owner of Buffalo Paint & Wallpaper on Hertel Avenue. He says that their design sensibilities meshed perfectly. Before long, Denis was talking to Tim about jointly occupying a retail space within the Buffalo Paint & Wallpaper building. So the two signed up as business partners, and are now in the process of setting up shop in conjunction with Laura and her wide array of interior design offerings. 

Petrichor on the left |
Petrichor on the left | Buffalo Paint & Wallpaper on the right

After securing the retail space, a shared doorway was installed between the two retail spaces. Now, Laura’s wonderful paint and wallpaper boutique is open to Petrichor, creating a one-stop-shop for anyone looking for design help for the interior and/or exterior of their home or office. In order to enhance their array of services, this little design collaborative has also enlisted the services of a window treatment expert who works with shades, blinds, etc. Plus, Laura has incorporated hardwood flooring and tile into her showroom, as well as upholstery. Oh, and kitchen cabinetry is also on its way. Now the only thing that they are missing is household aquarium services.

Definition of Petrichor – A pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.

“I think our combined stories paint a really good picture of new, small businesses in Buffalo,” Denis told me.”We all share a similar clientele. Together, we are able to provide a vision for a home that is need of beautification through botanicals, paint, wallpaper, window treatments, etc. We offer the white glove service that you don’t typically see in Buffalo. We help to make things simpler. We are also anchors for each other. Already since embarking upon this path, I have acquired six new clients just being associated with Laura’s business. The end goal for this collaborative space would be to create a full fledge design café, but we’re starting off with limited hours with Petrichor – until business warrants extending the days and hours. In the meantime, Buffalo Paint & Wallpaper has regularly scheduled hours of operation.


It also helps that Denis and Tim have a lot of professional experience to guide them forward in this joint venture. Among other professions, Denis has a background in interior design when he lived in NYC. Since moving to Buffalo, he has fallen in with the art crowd and will be dealing with Benjamin Gallery as part of this newfound collaborative. As for Tim, he’s a grass scientist (no kidding). He attended Michigan State and got a degree in turf science. Being a former athlete, he felt that designing and building sports fields was something that he wanted to pursue. Upon moving back to Buffalo, he designed and built the Buffalo Bills’ practice field. Now he spends most of his time in the lawn care business, working with state of the art products to create and maintain healthy lawns. “I concentrate on the outside of the house,” said Tim. “Denis works on the interior of the house. Our goal is to offer bundled services that would be more professional and less expensive than if someone was to source from different businesses.”

My husband suggested that I go and open my own store. So I did

In the end, none of this would have happened if it had not been for the foresight of Laura, owner of Buffalo Paint & Wallpaper. And maybe we actually have Laura’s husband to thank. You see, although the original company got its start on Bailey Avenue over 40 years ago, Laura’s husband purchased it thirteen years ago. “When I started to make the store prettier,” said Laura [laughing]. “My husband suggested that I go and open my own store. So I did. Now customers come from all over the region to stop into the Hertel location. They come here because we carry Farrow & Ball paint, which is highly sought after. We also carry C2 Paint (see Coit House paint story) which is made right here in Buffalo. By incorporating all of these new design services, we are a notch above the rest. Our customers are people who want to surround themselves with all things beautiful.”


Ultimately, the idea is to provide customers with fresh cut flowers and bouquets, and impeccable ‘lawnscaping’. It’s also important to have other household design elements that will enhance these aesthetics. Simply look around your house. When was the last time that you had fresh cut flowers? How old are your window treatments? When did the cat scratch up the arm of that chair in the corner? How about the old faded linoleum floor in the kitchen? Wasn’t that wall supposed to get painted two years ago? Who has the time to think about all of this stuff?

A flora design firm providing services that brings unique botanicals to homes, offices and events, big or small.

Living in a well-kept, aesthetically pleasing home, filled with flowers and a fresh paint job can make the difference between simply getting up in the morning, and getting up in the morning with a smile on your face. People thrive in clean, vibrant environments. Maybe it’s time to take care of that household wish list that has been weighing you down, whether that’s sprucing up the house for the holidays, or taking care of the yard come spring. Now there’s an independently owned one-stop-shop that offers friendly and broad ranging services that could make your life a lot easier… and happier.


1203 Hertel Avenue | Buffalo, New York | (716) 249-4449 | Facebook

Starting days: Thursdays and Fridays | 9am to 5pm |

Grand opening is Thursday, December 1, 2016, from 3pm to 8pm. See Facebook event.

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