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Mink Salon Creates Upscale, Local Vibe at Hertel and Parker

Shannon Kielich is excited to join the momentum of new business development on Hertel Avenue. She opened the doors to Mink Salon in early October in a completely remodeled storefront at 1858 Hertel Ave, near the intersection of Parker. Her enthusiasm for the business and the neighborhood is evident, and it drove the quick two-month turn around from the time she decided to start the business to her opening day. “When you love something, you make it happen,” she explains.

mink-salon-buffalo-ny-1Shannon’s attitude and the salon décor reflect her goal of bringing high style fashion to Hertel while contributing to the local community. In selecting furniture and finishes, Shannon took inspiration from various East Coast and West Coast salons that she visited over the past several years. The combination yields a fresh combination of boho chic and clean modern aesthetics. For instance, the sleek manicure bar with tall stools complements a Los Angeles-inspired pedicure corner with comfortable chairs, detached bowls, and Moroccan cushions. The arrangement not only departs from typical setups but also offers visual interest.

Mink Salon’s carefully styled interior reflects the “fresh vibe” that Shannon sees emerging in North Buffalo and even carries through in the labels of hair products lining the walls. “Each neighborhood has a unique feel: Elmwood Village has its own feel, downtown [has its own feel],” she explains, “I had the [North Buffalo] neighborhood in the back of my head through this whole process: the trendy packaging, pretty flowers, everything is unique and different.”

mink-salon-buffalo-ny-3While Shannon created an upscale and trendy salon, she is equally committed to providing a comfortable space that caters to a wide range of patrons. Loyal clients have supported her first month in business, but Shannon is excited to develop neighborhood patronage: “I live three blocks away and I know a lot of families in the area… I want this to be a good neighborhood salon where anyone can walk.” She has already received positive feedback about her welcoming atmosphere from parents who feel like they can bring their kids to a nice salon without feeling out of place and passersby who peek in and then book appointments. A Polaroid wall featuring pictures of grinning clients donning new hairdos embodies this spirit and adds a fun, personal touch to the reception area.

As the momentum of new stores and investment on Hertel Avenue moves east past Starin Avenue, Shannon feels like she is part of something bigger than herself. “That’s part of why I wanted to be in this area,” she says, “People care about their businesses and people really support one another.” Other businesses on the block represent the mix of old and new that is transforming Hertel Avenue. Mink Salon is in the same building as the Daily Planet Coffee Company, Veronica Salon, and Checkers Tavern and is across from the Lone Star Fajita Grill and Hertel Parker Liquor, which is under new ownership.

The salon not only fills a formerly empty storefront but the renovation created more density on the block by converting a single space, which remained empty after Bagel Man vacated the storefront, into two smaller shops. An interior doorway that will feature antique French doors below a transom window connects the two spaces. Mink Salon’s smaller space both fosters intimacy and contributes to its urban feel. It is also more manageable for the nascent business. The adjoining store is still under construction but will host a jewelry business.

With the first month of business down, Shannon looks forward to settling in and working on the salon’s finishing touches. Her next focus is the exterior; she anticipates getting a sign up soon and will wait until spring to get planters and beautify the sidewalk. Bringing the feel of her salon to the sidewalk, she wants to contribute an energetic street life that carries down the street: “That’s part of the city! North Buffalo is part of the city and [has] that city feel.” As Hertel attracts more businesses like Mink Salon and building owners invest in maintenance, the street will continue its comeback as a diverse, walkable commercial area for neighborhood residents and a destination for others who want to experience North Buffalo’s unique character.

Learn more about Mink Salon at, the Facebook page, or stop in!

Mink Salon | 1858 Hertel Avenue | Buffalo, NY 14216 | (716) 424-1903 | Facebook

Written by Caitlin B. Moriarty

Caitlin B. Moriarty

Caitlin is an architectural and cultural historian, and she works for a local historic preservation consulting firm. She moved to Buffalo in 2011 to pursue dissertation research about post-World War II neighborhood identity on the West Side. She is interested in contextualizing change over time in the built environment to learn how people and communities use places to create identities and meaning. Caitlin lives in North Buffalo with her husband and two sons.

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