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Did you vote? How was the process?

The following commentary is from a BRO reader who felt that the voting system at her designated place of polling was a bit awkward. Unfortunately, we have been accustomed to experiencing so many changes when it comes to voting, that it can seem intimidating for those who don’t acclimate to the newfangled processes right away.

I voted today and it was an odd experience. I sat down at one of the booths, and as the women to my right got up to pass behind me to get out of the area, I could feel them lean a little forward and they paused, then kept going. I’m sure that I was imagining that they peered at my paper, but it freaked me out enough that I froze. I covered my vote back up and went to put it in the machine. But to put it in the machine, I had to take it back out of the folder and slide it in. Which meant that passersby could see it again. Now, I like that this system lets everyone get in an out faster. And it probably saves on costs with one machine handling a whole neighborhood. But it would be great if there was more privacy (remember pulling the curtains?). As you can see (photo), there’s not much privacyOn another note, a random voter told me that the machine will accept the cards face up or face down. He was confused and had to ask to find this info out. Of course that’s a good thing to know. Happy voting!

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