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B Sweet Designs – Buffalo’s Dessert Table

When it comes to weddings and other big events, what’s the most important thing to think about? Making sure that the bride/customer is happy. And what is it that makes a bride/customer happy? When the guests at the event are happy. That’s why most people hire coordinators to take care of their special events/special days. Unfortunately, a lot of times, when one hires a person to take care of so much, some items don’t get the special treatment that they deserve. It’s understandable. It’s also preventable.

Marisa Battaglia is the owner and creative director of B Sweet Designs here in Greater Buffalo. One year ago, Marisa set out to ensure that every large scale event in Buffalo would have the best dessert tables to be found anywhere in the land. The idea behind her concept came when she was married in Canada. At the wedding she hired someone to create an exquisite dessert table that ultimately became the hit of the party. For months after the wedding, she continued to hear from her guests who were raving about the dessert table.


bsweetdesigns-gardenpartyWhen Marisa returned to Buffalo, she brought home with her the idea to start her own dessert table business. “I knew from that moment at my wedding that I needed to do this in Buffalo,” she told me. “I was not aware of another service of this nature, and felt that I could occupy a niche and fulfill a need. I knew that brides in Buffalo would love this sort of thing. It would be one less issue for a bridal coordinator to take care of, and everyone knows that one of the most memorable parts of a wedding or a big event is after dinner, when people gather around a large table that is not just filled with impeccable desserts… the table is actually a work of art.”

According to Marisa, it takes a perfectionist to tackle a project of this nature and hit a home run. In order for her business to shine, she now works hand-in hand with over 6 different bakeries in the area. Each bakery specializes in a unique culinary aspect of the table. “Some bakers are brilliant at making macaroons,” explained Marisa. “Others are exceptional at crafting cake pops. By the time the table has come together, it’s the best of the best that Buffalo has to offer. A typical wedding coordinator won’t got to multiple bakers. They will go to one. They will also not add the extraordinary touches that I do. I will work with the best cupcake maker around, and then I will add lace wrappers, glitter and towers… there’s only one shot to pull all of this off, and that’s why there needs to be a dedicated person to coordinate an impressive dessert table.”


I asked Marisa about the legend of the ‘bridezilla’ that is so impossible to work with. “No such thing,” she countered, without skipping a beat. “I make their life easy. I get to pull off the miracle – taking a typically ordinary dessert table and turning it into something that will go down in history (aka the wedding albums). Brides and event coordinators have a lot going on. They bring me their ideas, and then I blow them away. I have earned a reputation of making tables that are memorable. And that’s what people want. A dessert table should not be an afterthought. It would be just as amazing as the rest of the event.”


14724531_1796709640606959_6827977367082338297_nAccording to Marisa, not many people can pull off a successful dessert table. If it looks great but the desserts aren’t top tier. Then there’s a problem. If the desserts taste great, but the table didn’t come together visually, then there’s a problem. Fortunately, Marisa was gifted with the ability to track down the most delectable desserts, while whipping together a stunning masterpiece in the process. “I feel that I have the signature dessert table business in Buffalo,” Marisa said, proudly. “I wanted this city to have access to something that I saw in other cities. Buffalo events deserve this sort of treatment. I’m working on a New Year’s Eve party at The Foundry currently, and I recently did a big event at the Buffalo Center for Arts and Technology (see inset). I am upping my game by doing more events outside the wedding realm. Weddings are keeping me busy at the moment, but there is room for growth. I have plans to expand the business in years to come – I want to make a name for myself in Buffalo (beyond the wedding circuit).”

Currently, Marisa is able to accommodate parties of 50+ on week days, and 100+ on weekends. She typically needs at least two months to pull of a dessert table that will rival the best of them. If you come across one of Marisa’s dessert table creations, you will know right away. The only problem will be getting a good glimpse at the offerings, with so many people clamoring around the delightful presentation.

B Sweet Designs


Photos: garden party (Julia Rabkin photographer) | Gold sequin dessert table – wedding at Statler City | Alyissa & Michael Photography – wedding at Hayloft in the Grove | French Romance – Colin Gordon (photographer) | Rustic Vintage Elegance – Colin Gordon (photographer)

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