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Accident Waiting to Happen in Delaware Park?

Submitted by David C.

I want to say how much I loved the article Observations on Delaware Park Ring Road Inner Loop. Olmsted would not be proud of what we have let it become. I also wanted to write and express my concerns over the recent traffic changes on Parkside Ave and their direct impact to Ring Road. 

I voiced my concerns that the increased congestion has resulted in even more traffic in the park. People are turning left at Jewitt and Parkside in order to cut through the park because this has become a faster route at rush hour.

The City had a somewhat knee jerk reaction to tragic, but freak accidental death in the park courtesy of the 198. Yet, they have created a perfect storm with what was a well intentioned plan for Parkside Ave.

In short, with daylight hours ending at 5 PM; adverse weather conditions; speeding commuters anxious to get home; and a poorly designed shared roadway between pedestrians and motor vehicles, I feel it we may have set the stage for another serious pedestrian related accident in the park.

I voiced my concerns elsewhere, and was not surprised to find quite a bit of support from my neighbors.

Written by BRO Reader Submission

BRO Reader Submission

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