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After using Uber for the first time, I now know what we’re missing.

A BRO reader by the name Leah M has submitted these thoughts in response to a post that ran yesterday on this site. The hope is that our assembly members get their heads out of the clouds and address this lack of Uber issue immediately.

Dear Assemblypeople,

img_2273This past summer, I traveled to Boulder, CO to present at an international conference. I used Uber for the first time to get from my hotel to the campus. The first day, I met a young man who pleasantly welcomed me to the city and gave me a whole list of restaurants to check out before I exited the car. He wasn’t lying- the few I checked out were amazing.

The next day, I met a woman who told me her story about how she is going back to school because she missed the technology train long ago. Uber was allowing her the freedom to pursue a new profession.

img_2355On my last day of the conference, I used my Uber app one last time to request a ride. This time, my ride was with a gentleman who was concerned about the upcoming election and what the results will mean for the future of our country.

When I remember Boulder, I remember these friendly people who shared their stories with me. The cars were clean, the people were friendly, and yes, the fact that I’d visit the city again is partially based on these interactions.

In some way, this story reminds me of Buffalo. Friendly people with clean cars who have stories to share. My feelings about Uber are contrasted with being a daughter of a father who drove cab for many years. He had no stake in his job; it wasn’t something that he could take ownership of. There was no co-op, there was no reason to invest in yourself, and there was no reason to be friendly to others. What’s great about Uber is that it’s based on a rating system. I leave a driver a good rating and other Uber passengers see it. Drivers also can rate me, which means that Uber drivers don’t have to pick up people with terrible ratings. My Dad never got that choice. He had people throw up in his car. He had his car roof destroyed by someone. He had a gun pulled on him once. As Buffalo continues its revitalization efforts, please consider voting for Uber. Our drivers deserve more, and our visitors and citizens deserve friendliness.

Join the #NYNeedsUber campaign today. Also, tell your elected representatives in the Assembly that Buffalo needs to be brought up to speed with this indispensable transportation service.

141 Crystal D. Peoples-Stokes East Buffalo

149 Sean Ryan Central Buffalo

142 Mickey Kearns South Buffalo

140 Robin Schimminger Kenmore

143 Angela Wozniak Cheektowaga

Lead image: The Rabbit Hole. Also Springs Orleans and Boulder.

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