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Disqus: A New Day for BRO Comment Section

Author: Robert Klingensmith

All good things must come to an end. And so it was with the Buffalo Rising Livefyre commenting system.

We’ve been using Livefyre on Buffalo Rising for some time now and have been overall happy with what it provided. When we learned that Livefyre had been purchased by Adobe, we were excited for the partners we had supported early-on and cautiously excited for what might come next. Livefyre was still an excellent system, but its feature set had been slowly slipping behind its competitors, so it was about time for a refresh. With Adobe behind the refresh, things were looking good.

Proceeding with our regularly scheduled Buffalo Rising development plan, we rolled out some changes over a weekend. One of those changes was to preferentially serve Buffalo Rising pages over HTTPS, which is a protocol for secure communication between our web servers and our readers web browsers. HTTPS has been around for a long-time and the documentation suggested Livefyre supported it — but they didn’t. First we lost the comment count tickers next to every article. Then little things started to go wrong. Livefyre support was excellent (as always), but we eventually learned that Livefyre would be discontinuing their commenting platform. Ugh!

02172015_discussdisqus_newhomepage_1Since we were being displaced at Livefyre, we had to go shopping for a replacement commenting system for our communities. After an extensive search, we decided to move to Disqus. There are certainly pluses and minuses to every commenting system out there, but we decided Disqus best fit with the Buffalo Rising ethos while replicating the parts of Livefyre our readership liked best. It wasn’t easy, but a decision had to be made. It won’t make everyone happy, but we did the best we could.

Enter Disqus. There are a few features in Disqus we believe our readership will really enjoy…

Real-time discussions – Fun discussion interactions: upvotes, downvotes, threaded replies, recommends, and more all happening in real time.

Access on web and mobile – Beautiful mobile commenting, on the web, iOS, and Windows.

Photos and videos support – Rich-media-supported comments let readers add images and video to keep discussions lively.

Notifications – Instant activity notifications, email notifications, and email digests stay connected with the discussion.

One profile for all sites – If you already have a Disqus profile, you can use that to login to the Buffalo Rising comment section. You can also login with Facebook or Twitter. Unfortunately, many of our users have Livefyre accounts, which are no longer being supported. If you used a Livefyre account to post a comment on Buffalo Rising, you can create a new Disqus account with the same email address as your Livefyre account to have your previous comments tied to your new Disqus profile.

Organic discovery – Discover other top discussions through publisher profiles and organic discovery modules next to comments.

Follow users – Readers can follow interesting commenters to find even more communities to participate in.

All good things must come to an end… but sometimes better things come along to replace them.

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