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Dear Diary 4.0 – Read Awkward Passages On Stage @ Mr Goodbar

Are you the type of person that kept a diary? If so, do you even know where that diary is? For some people, those diary entries are sacred, even after 20+ years. For others, they are nostalgic, and kind of funny. Then there are others who take a look back, and can’t believe what they wrote.

If you have a diary, and you think that it would be funny and amusing to read some of your daily accounts in front of a crowd, then consider attending Dear Diary 4.0. This is the event where people stand up and read “7th grade diary entries, freshman year poems, pre-graduation love letters” and anything else that is a little goofy and endearing. 

Buffalonians get on stage to read awkward relics from an adolescence gone by.

Back then, just thinking about this would be somewhat mortifying. Today, people are having fun poking fun at themselves for taking it all so seriously. Yes, back then it was very serious stuff. But now it’s time to dig up some of those bygone memories and share them with others.

Looking to read? Sign up here. Otherwise, come and enjoy others who are opening their personal books and letters, and sharing them on stage 

The next installment of “Dear Diary” takes place today, Tuesday, October 25, from 8pm to 11pm at Mr. Goodbar.

Mr. Goodbar | 1110 Elmwood Avenue | Buffalo, New York 14222

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