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Buffalo Blues – Poem to Recognize 6th Annual World Homeless Day

Poet: Scott Bottoni

This poem is in recognition of the upcoming 6th annual World Homeless Day, which is 10/10/16.  The purpose of the day is to draw attention to the needs of homeless people locally, so that the community might get involved in responding to homelessness. The poem was written with the approaching winter season in mind, and the unique challenges that it brings to the homeless struggling in our own backyard. 

Buffalo Blues

It’s a clear cold night in Buffalo
The stars glisten like diamonds, on the snow
But those cruel winds warn me, as they blow
Tonight it’ll be dropping to five below
I live in the City of Light
Quietly wrapped by a city of blight
Don’t go west and don’t go east
Poverty is a nasty beast
Buffalo blues you twist my mind
And leave me feelin’ undefined
Where’s the tide that lifts all boats
I dream at night of a warmer coat
While sleeping under the highway bridge
A small escape in this outdoor fridge
The construction cranes pierce the air
I see the people stop and stare
But they pass me by, without a care
Just a homeless guy, without a prayer
Aimless on Elmwood, with holes in my shoes
A tattered coat, with an air of booze
I’ll never claim that I have a muse
Cause all I have, is the Buffalo blues
Buffalo blues you are my foe
You hold on and you don’t let go
Had a job, just like you
With hopes and dreams, and a family too
Lost it all, now times are tough
That’s my story, it’s simple enough
I can scrape another day
I’ll ignore those skies of gray
The sun is there, it’s just out of sight
It’s not your worry, it’s just my plight
Buffalo blues you test my soul
As you slowly take control
Buffalo blues please take me home
And show me where those good times roam
Please take me home
And show me where those good times roam

Written by BRo Guest Authors

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