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The Haddock Super Sandwich @ Bailey Seafood

A fish sandwich is usually the last thing that comes to mind when I’m thinking about heading out to get something to eat. But just the other day my wife said that she wanted to try to fish sandwich as Bailey Seafood, so I agree. I had not been to Bailey Seafood in a while, and wanted to check the place out to see how they were faring.


First off, Bailey Seafood continues to expand their offerings. Every time I go in there, there’s always something new. Whether it’s a snazzy robotic drink dispenser or a menu item that sounds irresistible.

As much as there were plenty of delicious sounding items to choose from, we came for the Haddock Super Sandwich (my wife saw it on Bailey Seafood’s website)… and that was what we were going to go home with.

It’s too bad that Bailey Seafood doesn’t have any seating. I can only imagine packed it would be. Not to say that these guys need any more business – every time I have ever walked in, they always appear to have a steady business.

I’ve always wanted a business where I can be with my family and know my customers on a first name basis. This is what I enjoy, this is my passion.

– George Kontras, owner Bailey Seafood

It was a Monday night that when we went to grab some food, and there were probably about ten people in line before us waiting for their orders. As we waited for our food, I walked around examining all of the cases of fresh fish, crab claws, shrimp, scallops, clams, oysters, and myriad other seafood offerings.


As I browsed, I came across their handy-dandy newspaper-style menu that was absolutely loaded with meal offerings, specials, specialties, daily specials, super specials, lunch specials, combo dinners, belly busters, mega busters, and a litany of non-seafood items that included chicken wings, fried chicken dinner, chicken fingers, and a grilled jumbo Angus burger.


The crux of the menu is, of course, seafood based. There are fish and shrimp dinners, whiting fillets, ocean perch, Cajun fried crawfish, giant clam strips, catfish, steamed mussels, clam chowder, smelts, crab cakes, deviled crab… if it comes from the sea, and you’re craving it, chances are they have it. Not to mention all of the sides, including fried mushrooms, homemade tartar sauce (a house specialty), baked beans, okra, corn nuggets, hushpuppies, curly seasoned fries, rice, baked macaroni & cheese, and cornbread.

Of course we had to try their coleslaw, which we found to be excellent. The cabbage was cut perfectly, and the dressing was well balanced. As for the Haddock Super Sandwich, get this… The haddock is smothered with their original homemade tartar sauce, on top of a heaping pile of french fries, with homemade coleslaw (all in the sandwich). At first I thought that my wife was crazy. I spotted a photo of the sandwich broadcasted on one of their numerous flatscreen menu boards. “That’s what we’re getting?” I asked. For a second I thought about ordering something else, due to the pure gluttony that I was facing. But then I figured that at least I could say that I tried their “claim to fame”.


And I’m glad that I did. The sandwich rocked. It was super awesome – the tartar sauce and the coleslaw made it easier to eat considering its size. The fish was super moist and flaky. The fries? Well heck! They were over top, when added to the mix. It was indeed the best fish sandwich that I ever tried, and believe it or not, it didn’t feel like a gut bomb after I ate it.

Bailey Seafood is one of the many great destinations on Bailey Avenue. Bailey has great bones, and the offerings are vast if you take the time to look around. Like many of the other businesses on the street, Bailey Seafood is family owned and operated (since 1985). Despite facing challenges when the city was down and out, this place managed to continue to grow. Today the seafood market is thriving on a street that is loaded with potential. Personally, I can’t wait to get back to Bailey Seafood to try the Haddock Super Sandwich again. At that time, my wife and I are going to do some holiday shopping on the street – truth be told, there are more shops on Bailey than just about anywhere else in the city. Stay tuned.

Bailey Seafood | 3316 Bailey Avenue | Buffalo NY | 716.833.1973 | Facebook | Order Online/Menu

Written by queenseyes


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