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Quarter Deck Athletics

The former Butterwood Sweet & Savory at The Hotel @ The Lafayette has transitioned into a large gym with impressive architectural features. The space has gone from lavish restaurant to a wide open gym footprint within the hotel. The gym will be a practical feature for hotel guests, tenants, downtown office workers, and nearby residents. Quarter Deck Athletics offers training sessions, along with chiropractic appointments and nutrition consulting. 

Success is a simple formula: Your best effort, consistently performed, over many days. Progress happens every single day, but in small amounts. It is the aggregation of marginal gains, day in and day out.

Quarter Deck Athletics was opened by Dr. Dennis Lesniak, Owner & Head Coach of the workout facility. The gym was named after a nautical term – the raised deck behind the main mast of a sailing ship or a military vessel.

Following is part of a mission statement that was released on the gym’s website:

We are able to measure effort like no other facility. Using training principles that we have been fine tuning for almost 20 years combined with state-of-the-art heart rate monitoring equipment, we are able to monitor you and your performance on multiple levels. This will allow you to maximize the safety and effectiveness of your medically -developed workout program. We utilize a multi-tiered approach that assesses your body recovery state to make sure you are doing the best workout for you so that you have optimized recovery and maximized results. You will find nothing like this in any other gym in the area.

Because of our fitness and medical backgrounds, we offer safe, effective and intense workouts that can be scaled for all skill levels. As such, we have worked with all populations – from children to retirees, professional athletes to cancer patients, as well as those with joint replacements, and hip and shoulder problems. We have seen it all. Whether you want to be able to perform everyday movements pain free, such as walking or getting out of a chair, or you’d like to lose weight and/or build muscle, we can tailor every workout to fit your needs to keep you healthy and progressing towards your goals.

Quarter Deck Athletics | 391 Washington street | Buffalo NY | Direct entrance is at the corner of Ellicott and Clinton | (716) 464-3659 | Facebook

Lead image: Quarter Deck Athletics

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