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More on Third Party – Take Part in Mock Election & Stage Your Own Scandal

presidential-election-buffalo-ny-1Well it’s been awhile, at least a year, since Squeaky Wheel Film & Media Art Center has entertained us with a crazy art party, and now it’s time, this Saturday, September 24, 8pm-2am, we will have to wait no more. This year they are pulling out all the stops at the Curtiss Malting Agway Building (1100 Niagara Street) with what they are calling a “Giant Electoral Art-Dance-Brew Party.” In light with what is happening in our country with the upcoming election this might be our only option to distract us from the mayhem that will ensue us in the coming months.

presidential-election-buffalo-ny-3Ok, they have a crazy lineup and this is what you can expect. There will be an early bird free beer tasting (8-9pm) that will feature several local independent breweries such as Southern Tier, 12 Gates, 42 North, Big Ditch, Flying Bison, Hamburg Brewing, Resurgence and Woodcock Brothers Brewery. (Yum, what is not to like about that list!) There will be ongoing performances by the likes of some of Buffalo’s favs: Carmine the Goat (yes, an actual real goat), Kyle Butler, Ron Ehmke, Lizzie Finnegan, Ruth Goldman, Mickey Harmon & Kevin Thurston, Tilke Hill, Norah Hurley, Holy Johnson & Brian Milbrand, Gain Miso, Seth Oyer and Pocket San Improv Group, Caesandra Seawell, Shasti O’Leary Soudant, Jeff Sherven and Annette Daniels Taylor, plus visiting headliners, Jeremy Bailey (Toronto) and Max Berstein (NYC). On the main stage there will be an array of music ranging from soul, hip-hop, noise to jam-band cools, theatrical acts and burlesque.

You can create and film your own scandal, and stay tuned in on all the happenings of the party by watching the live broadcast brought to you by SWN (Squeaky Wheel Network).

Partygoers will have the opportunity to take part in a mock election in real voting booths on your favorite beer or mock contender, you can create and film your own scandal, and stay tuned in on all the happenings of the party by watching the live broadcast brought to you by SWN (Squeaky Wheel Network). There will also be a balloon drop (yes, you heard right) and plenty of space to dance the night away.


Tickets are $15 in advance or $20 at the door. For more information about the event or to buy tickets beforehand (which is always a good idea if you know you want to go), visit the event website:

This is Squeaky’s yearly fundraising event, so come out and support your local artists and culturals! You’ve got my vote that this WILL BE the art party of the YEAR!!!!!


Photos: Shasti O’Leary Soudant

Written by Tina Dillman

Tina Dillman

Growing up in Central, New York was a lot like living in a closet, but with a great view. At 18, she went off to college to find herself and to see what the world had in store for her. She has lived in various parts of the country, California being her favorite, and has traveled outside the US borders. She hopes to live her last years in Mexico, along the Pacific coast, in a pueblo hut that has a thatched roof that sits right on the beach, so she can always hear the sound of the ocean, and feel the sand beneath her feet. Here, she would continue with her childhood fascination of collecting seashells and read as many books as her eyes would permit.

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