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Friday, September 16: There Is More To See Than Just Theatre at Curtain Up!

For those of you that may not be interested in attending this black and white tie affair, but want to get out and enjoy the last days of this joyous weather, before fall time officially hits, there are several art openings happening all within walking distance of each other in downtown. So, when you get off of work at 5pm, follow my map of suggestions for a fun night on the town.

First, you can start off with a happy hour beverage and snack at Expo Market, conveniently located in between one of your first art stops. At Expo expect to find an array of sushi, salads, sandwiches, and Italian options. You can take advantage of their outside sidewalk patio with a pint in one hand, and your camera in the other for those picturesque Main St. moments.

14303855_10154553839173453_904899259_oAt 6pm- You have a choice. You can pop your head into the BOX Gallery (667 Main) to witness Final Frontier (lead image), a collaborative piece by Gary Nickard (a professor of art at UB), Reinhard Reinzenstein (who currently has a solo show up at Indigo Gallery), and Patty Wallace. Friday also marks their 2nd anniversary, so they will be partying it up till late with music by: Little Cake, Laube’s Old Spain, Lara Buckley, Be Locust or Alone, Shane Meyer and more…So you can always pop back to catch another act.

Or also starting at 6pm is Liminal Labyrinth, a virtual reality experience that artist Eric Souther completed during his residency at Squeaky Wheel (1st floor in the Market Arcade, 617 Main). According to the Facebook event page, all the 15-minute time slots are filled up, but if you get there early, you may have a chance to sneak in by signing up on the waitlist- this event goes till 10pm.


Next, starting at 7pm, at CEPA Gallery (also located in the Market Arcade Building), has two solo exhibitions opening – monument by Bob Collignon and The Structure of Things Parts I & II by Biff Henrich. Both exhibitions are photography based revealed in black & white, and color, with a blend of conceptual abstract renderings of architecture and pure blissful moments of one’s past.


Both artists have been a part of CEPA’s history to some capacity or another, and have long been dedicated to their photographic careers. If you are just starting out as a photographer or have been a long time supporter, these are two exhibitions not to miss.


Last, but definitely not least at Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center (located on the backside of Babeville), opening from 8pm – 11pm, there is a group show with a stellar line up of artists: Amy Greenan, Eric Magnuson, Brad Phillips and Betty Tompkins. All the paintings in the show are text based-meaning you will have to read their messages to get the joke or not, just admire them for their bright colors and shapes.


After you’ve taken in as much art and culture that you can process, don’t forget to stop by Founding Fathers for a nightcap and some nachos. I can’t think of a better establishment to stop on the way home-the place is always so inviting and relaxing.

Written by Tina Dillman

Tina Dillman

Growing up in Central, New York was a lot like living in a closet, but with a great view. At 18, she went off to college to find herself and to see what the world had in store for her. She has lived in various parts of the country, California being her favorite, and has traveled outside the US borders. She hopes to live her last years in Mexico, along the Pacific coast, in a pueblo hut that has a thatched roof that sits right on the beach, so she can always hear the sound of the ocean, and feel the sand beneath her feet. Here, she would continue with her childhood fascination of collecting seashells and read as many books as her eyes would permit.

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