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Töad Meädow – A Safe Space for Chaos and Creativity

Now for something completely different (and it’s not a museum). Gal about town Melissa Campbell has embarked upon a new art collective that hops in and out of Buffalo. It’s called Töad Meädow, and per usual, Melissa and the rest of the collective are keeping people guessing when it comes to their projects, their antics, and their ability to empower creative impulses. The overarching idea behind Töad Meädow is to encourage people to become producers, not just consumers. By supporting individual artistic expression, while providing necessary resources for art producers to thrive, Melissa feels that they can encourage a new generation of art enthusiasts to build, create, fashion, paint, express, play, film, dance, etc. 

“To this end, we host a monthly open house art build weekend,” said Melissa. “Where we invite the visionaries and the creative types to come together and mutually support each other in achieving their visions. We want to empower creative impulses and we offer a wide array of shop tools as well as hands-on skill training. Both visionaries and grunt laborers are needed to forge dreams into reality. Even if you don’t have a burning desire to effect your own piece of art, if you’re willing to lend some of your time and work, you can be a part of what is made at the Meädow. The glory of our creations will be dispersed proportionally.”

Get involved by joining Töad Meädow for one of their art build weekends. Use the contact form to get in touch, and they will get back to you. 

In the meantime, here’s a little ditty that Melissa helped stage, using the resources available to her via the collective. The film short is called How to Make a Cucumber Sandwich.

Töads celebrate political sovereignty and culinary nationalism in this political-surrealist short film that commemorates the “Brexit” vote in June, 2016.

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