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Elmwood Pet Supplies offers DIY Dog Washing Station

Elmwood Pet Supplies (EPS) offers many conveniences for the pet lover in all of us. Now, one more convenience can be added to the list – a dog washing center.  The beloved pet store debuted the new wash station in February. Similar to wash stations in chain pet stores, EPS now offers this handy-dandy amenity that helps to  keep pooches in tip-top shape.  

Dog-Bath-Spa-Buffalo-NY-1The wash station is located in the back of the store, towards the back parking lot (four spaces). There is a back entranceway that conveniently leads directly into the building, so customers don’t have to walk through the shop to access the station. Once inside, customers will find what looks to be a spa, with a large basin sink, outfitted with a fur washing wand. The wand showers pets with water, shampoo, and conditioner. Each bath is self-serve, takes about 10 minutes, and costs ten bucks.  

The pet wash hours of operation are the same as the store’s… Mon-Fri 10-8; Sat 10-6; Sun 10-5.  All they ask is that you use a little common sense, as in come in 30 minutes prior to closing, versus trying to sneak in at 7:59pm, for example.

There are no size restrictions or appointments necessary.  So whether you’re looking to simply cool down your pet in this unrelenting heat, or you just got home from work and discovered a certain four-legged friend has gotten into a mess while you were away, Elmwood Pet Supplies has you covered.

Elmwood Pet Supplies | 706 Elmwood Avenue | Buffalo, NY 14222 | (716)883-1377 | Facebook

Lead image: Bo takes the plunge at EPS



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