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A Solo Exhibit by Markenzy Julius Cesar

14164020_10154004874601785_1457002667_oOn Friday night, 9/2, from 6-11pm at Pausa Art House (19 Wadsworth Street, around the corner from Allen Street and Days Park), local painter Markenzy Julius Cesar will have new work in Flesh and Water.

Cesar has been living in Buffalo since his time as an undergrad at Buffalo State in 93. He was born in Haiti, but has been living in the states since 1987. He is married with two girls.

We caught up with Markenzy, to get a glimpse into his inner workings, and the passion that drives him to create:

14202912_10154004874286785_274649315_oFlesh: There’s nothing more sublime than the human body (bias, I know). Like the psalmist said we are “fearfully and wonderfully made”. In this present age we are so body conscious and not knowing there’s really not a perfect standard. In my work I try to focus on the form and part of that form. For example, at closer look the human hands and feet (there are exceptions) are not that pretty but they can create the most precious artifact.

14151677_10154004874456785_1508194994_oWater: As a boy, every time we had a rainstorm in Haiti, I would run naked and body surf in the inner courtyard that would be filled with water. It was my water park, my Busch Gardens. As an adult, I continue to be in awe of water, think of it, How terrifyingly awesome is Niagara Falls. Aren’t we, living water? I believe flesh and water are a major theme right now. We are arguing whose life matters the most. We have war refugees traversing dangerous body of “water” trying to get to safety. We have major drought issues on the west coast and toxic drinking water poor cities. My art won’t change the world but I hope it will make people grateful to be alive and for living near an area with abundant fresh water.

A Solo Exhibit by Markenzy Julius Cesar

Pausa Art House | 19 Wadsworth Street | Buffalo, NY 14201 | (716) 697-9075 | Facebook

Friday, September 2, 2016


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Images: Serenity, Motherhood, Last Drag, Man with Yellow Bucket

Written by Tina Dillman

Tina Dillman

Growing up in Central, New York was a lot like living in a closet, but with a great view. At 18, she went off to college to find herself and to see what the world had in store for her. She has lived in various parts of the country, California being her favorite, and has traveled outside the US borders. She hopes to live her last years in Mexico, along the Pacific coast, in a pueblo hut that has a thatched roof that sits right on the beach, so she can always hear the sound of the ocean, and feel the sand beneath her feet. Here, she would continue with her childhood fascination of collecting seashells and read as many books as her eyes would permit.

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