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ärt Pozorovatel | Episode 1 | Fotini Galanes | Beauty and Deformity

Buffalo filmmaker and TV producer Stephen R. Powell (Odessa Pictures) has embarked upon a series of new documentary shorts that delve into the inner-workings and sometimes hidden worlds of some of today’s most prolific contemporary artists. The documentary series – ärt Pozorovatel (art Observer in Czech) – will reveal the creative inspirations of six artists in six episodes. Episode 1, titled Beauty and Deformity, features Buffalo based fine artist Fotini Galanes. 


“I am glad we were able to feature someone from Buffalo in the series, I think it complements the resurgence we are experiencing here.” said Powell, who directed the work.

In order to get to the true underbelly of the worlds of the artists, Powell spoke with and interviewed art critics, curators, gallery directors, as well as colleagues, art dealers, gallery owners, artists, imaging specialists, physicists, and theoretical mathematicians.

“Visually, this episode was difficult to film because Fotini’s work is so excruciatingly detailed. Trying to capture the experience of actually seeing it in person was tough but I think I got a fair start on it. As for story, I didn’t want to make a bio-pic, I just wanted to get people talking about her work. After that, if people are interested they can research and learn more about the art and the artist on their own. That’s part of the fun of it.” Powell said.


Can there be beauty in deformity? What is the impact of the exquisite and the grotesque on the mind and senses? What happens to a person when faced with seeing something they cannot describe? When talking about the work of fine artist Fotini Galanes, there is no disagreement that it is excruciatingly detailed, exquisite, subtly unsettling. Her fascination with seeing how humans respond to the work delivers forms the brain does not know how to interpret or process, but what it all means is another question, one you will need to decide on for yourself.


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