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Summer Smoothies at Squeeze Juicery

On a hot day like today. there’s nothing better than a smoothie. Especially when the smoothie is loaded to the brim with all sort of delicious and wholesome ingredients.

Today was the first day that I got a chance to stop into Squeeze, and I must say that it was worth the wait. Not only does the place look great on the inside – I like all of the wood design elements – I found the selection of healthy frosty treats to be sensational. After looking at the regular menu for a spell, I couldn’t help but order from the specials list (see chalkboards below). I just had to go for one of their seasonal selections.


For my friend back at The Peddler Flea Market, I decided to order the Summer Wind. The combination of watermelon, cucumber, banana, strawberry and broccoli sounded too good to pass up. For myself, I chose the California Girls with orange, vanilla, coconut milk, bee pollen and mango. I must say, that choosing between all of the mouth watering selections was tough. I wanted to try some other concoctions, but I figured that I would have to wait for another day (hopefully soon).

We both loved our respective smoothie versions. Not only did they taste great, the consistency of the smoothie was superb – it was not watery at the end, or filled with little ice chunks… it was as smooth as smooth can be, from start to finish.

To learn about all of the delicious offerings at Squeeze, read this BRO article. There are acai bowls, salads, cold pressed juices, wraps and nut milks (see menu). There are seasonal offerings to. 


Squeeze is located right next to Globe Market, and across from Agave, which puts it in with some good company. There are some seats and tables right out on the sidewalk, so you can roll right up on your bike and get to the business of cooling down or re-energizing.

I’m not really that much of an ice cream guy – the occasional scoop is all that I require. Therefore, I truly appreciate a good smoothie when I am afforded the opportunity. I will be adding Squeeze to my hit list of favorite nutrient refueling stations when out on my bike. It’s the perfect way to fill up, without feeling bogged down.

Squeeze Juicery | 770 Elmwood Avenue | Buffalo NY | See Facebook

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