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Summer Beer Review: Resurgence Brewing Company

Inscribed on a wall inside Resurgence Brewing Company is a quote, “Good Beer Isn’t Good Enough. Always Challenge Yourself And The Norm”. After speaking with head brewer Dave Collins this week (lead image), it’s apparent that motto rings true in every one of his beers. Having just celebrated their 2 year anniversary this past weekend, Resurgence continues to turnout remarkably original beers that you won’t find anywhere else.


One of Dave’s biggest accomplishments is the remarkable ability to brew over 130 unique flavors in two year’s time. Interested to learn more, I sat down with him to discuss new releases and what beer fans can expect this summer.

To start, Resurgence is projecting to brew almost 20 special beers ranging in style and taste before the “seasonal creep” of Ockoberfest beer draws near – sometime in August. Until then you’ll be able to enjoy light, fruity, drinkable beers that pair perfectly with the summer weather and the brewery’s ever-popular beer garden.


Dave poured a flight during our conversation and we dove headfirst into how Resurgence brewers continue to challenge themselves and the norm.

Below is a look at the current summer line-up. Make sure to follow the latest updates on Facebook, Twitter, and this website, to stay up-to-date with new additions coming out every few weeks. Grab a pint, or enjoy a flight of all four as we did;

Strawberry IPA – 6.5% ABV

A Strawberry Lemonade for IPA lovers. Typical IPA’s are hoppy, however you’ll find this much lighter and very drinkable. If you’re not a fan of IPA’s, don’t be afraid to grab a pint. With the first sip you’ll notice the overwhelming fresh strawberry flavor. This is done by using a seedless strawberry puree during the brewing process. Complementing melon flavors and hints of citrus and lemon complete this beer making it a fruit lover’s favorite.

Summer Saison – 5% ABV

This beer is “Crushable”, meaning you can throw a few back because of the light taste and lower ABV (alcohol by volume). A unique and complex beer that will excite your taste buds with earthy and fruity tones of lemon, lemongrass, and a few peppery notes. The French Farmhouse yeast used in this beer is tamed resulting in a lower PH which reduces the typical tart taste of a saison. I found it to be refreshing – a beer that I could drink while under the hot summer sun.

Mango Gose – 4.8% ABV

The Gose is an old German style of beer first made sometime in the 1700’s, and is now making a comeback across the globe, and at Resurgence too! Get ready to take your taste buds for a trip. Bitter and mellow you’ll notice the mango immediately, but it’s not overwhelming. Focus after you’ve taken a sip and taste the sea salt. The Mango Gose combines these fruity and savory flavors creating a very unique blend. This is a beer you won’t see on the shelves at the grocery store. If you visit the brewery, I suggest giving it a try.

Lime Berlinerweisse – 4.6% ABV

If you love Sour Patch Kids and Margaritas, you’ll love this beer. It’s a Kettle Sour with a tart, sour and acidic taste. You’ll catch lemony-citric notes with tarragon spice. Organic yogurt is used to sour the beer, giving this lime Berlinerweisse very unique and distinctive flavors. Although it has the lowest ABV of the summer beers, it’s not to be crushed. Sip slowly and enjoy all the flavors that have gone into this one.

Summer Beer Review: Resurgence Brewing Company | 1250 Niagara Street | Buffalo, NY | (716) 381-9868 | Facebook

Written by Adam Boyd

Adam Boyd

A true Buffalonian through and through. Adam believes in the resurgence of our great city and wishes nothing more than to help return it to glory. His devotion to Buffalo can been seen and heard every day through his work in local radio. If he’s not working, you can find him on his snowboard, out on the golf course, playing pickup hockey, or hanging out with his dogs at Lasalle Park.

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