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Crush Juicery + Her Story create ‘Strength’

Strength-Buffalo-NY-2Her Story (Boutique) has teamed up with Crush Juicery to design the first product in a line of juices that will help health, body and mind conscious people get off to the right start. 

“The idea behind this juice concept came from the idea of the mind, body, soul connection, and the importance of not only feeding your body with the right things, but also your mind,” says Her Story co-founder Sue Morreale, who started the company along with her daughter Ciara. “This gives you a tool to incorporate this idea into your life in a quick, and practical way. Start your day with one of our affirmation juices, and watch the way the rest of your day will change and fall in line with your intention.”

Knowing Sue and Ciara, and their affinity for the life altering paths that they continue to take, it is easy to see why they decided to come up with a line of juices. Sue is the type of person who wholly believes that we are able to take control of our daily lives by simply opting to make the right choices when it comes to the products that we use, and the types of nutrients that we consume. Ciara believes that being able to grab a juice that has been designed to promote body and mind enhancing qualities (with a message) is one of the easiest decisions that we could possibly make.

976911_10151626616891683_46925100_o“It’s all about how you feel in the morning,” said Sue. “And making those initial decisions, while setting your intentions for the day. The bottle has an affirmation on it, that coincides with the mantra. Our first bottled juice is called Strength. It’s packed with the healthiest ingredients – kale, dandelion, celery, cucumber, apple, lemon and ginger Root. Drinking the juice is an affirmation that you are strong and beautiful, and capable of achieving great things.”

“This is something that you can control,” added Ciara. “Tack this on with a good thought and a good feeling, and it helps you to get on with your day, while staying on a positive course.”

The Her Story Juice line (more on the way) was set into motion when Sue and Ciara decided that they wanted to serve the boutique’s customers a healthy product when hosting their programming events and counter talks. They already had a line of affirmation chocolates, fragrances and jewelry, so it only made sense to go in the juice direction – strength, faith, passion, courage, joy, balance, and so on. It just so happens that the mother daughter team was friends with the owner of Crush Juicery, Paul Tsouflidis. Paul loved the idea, and the concept soon became a reality. 

“I am a strong a beautiful soul capable of achieving great things.”

Introducing… Crush Juicery + Her Story “Feed Your Body, Feed Your Mind.”

Feed your Body
  • Cold-pressed Juice from Crush Juicery – Fruits and vegetables are crushed together, then placed in a permeable pouch, which is subjected to tremendous pressure. This pressure squeezes out every last ounce of liquid, leaving behind pulp that is practically dry. Devotees claim that this cold process not only creates the highest quality nectar, but that the rich, dark hued final product also retains more vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Other styles of juicing, involving fruit and veg being sliced by spinning blades, can overheat and oxidize the juice, resulting in nutrient loss – and a less palatable end result.
  • Non GMO produce – “non genetically modified organisms” 
  • Carefully selected ingredients and recipes

Feed your Mind

  • Replace negative thoughts with a positive affirmation
  • Set your intentions for the day.
  • Help break habitual thought patterns
  • Tool for mediation – with each sip you take, say your affirmation and remind yourself of your intention.

Strength Juice is available at Her Story on Elmwood, Crush on Elmwood, and EXPO in downtown Buffalo (Market Arcade). Sue and Ciara are hoping that Roswell Park Cancer Institute picks up the line, and others that are looking to sell and promote juices that are made to empower people through delicious, refreshing, healthy, balanced juice treats… with an empowering message.

Her Story Boutique779 Elmwood Avenue | Buffalo, NY | (716) 886-6457 | Facebook

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