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Yoga and Breakdance Workshop to benefit Yogis in Service

On Saturday, June 11, 2016, Buffalo yoga instructors Molly Muffoletto and Megan Townsend will be hosting a three-hour yoga-meets-breakdance program. The workshop mashes the two distinct cultural trends into a sensational fusion routine. Following is an interview with Molly:

How did you come up with idea to mash-up yoga and breakdancing?

In the beginning, the yoga and breakdance fusion started as a program offering for kids through Yogis in Service (YIS). I came up with the idea of the Yoga and Breakdance Workshop, because as a yoga teacher and practitioner, I always noticed the similarities between yoga poses and breakdance moves, and wanted to create something that would keep kids attending YIS programs interested in yoga, by making a connection to something that interests them. We always make the point that life on and off your mat intersect, so this gives them something tangible and fun.


How did you tune into this need?

As a former dancer, music and movement always fascinated me and just speaks to me deep in my bones to this day.  As a ballet dancer, what we could and couldn’t do was so strict, so rigid, that other forms of dance, like various forms of street dance, with the freedom of movement and expression they allowed, just fascinated me.

What did you do to get the project off the ground?

So there had been this seed for a long time – the only problem is that I am not a breakdancer. Then I met Carlos Duenas, and after a couple of conversations, one of which he said ‘We take a lot of stuff from yoga’, I knew I had found my partner in this. He jumped right on board with the idea.

Who else got behind the initiative?

Jamie Pearsen, the owner of Power Yoga Buffalo (PYB), pushed and supported us to make this happen for adults. I wanted Megan involved because I find her to be a gifted teacher with the right energy. Both Carlos and Megan know TJ Veith (lead image), a breakdancer who also happens to be a yoga teacher (at Studio Sophia), so when I wanted a second teacher for the breakdance part, they both went right to him.

I take it that there is music involved? Who is spinning?

Zee Cordero is DJ-ing this particular event, but he is also a yoga teacher, so he will know the classes and if will be a back-up yoga teacher going forward for other bookings of this workshop.

What can people expect from the class?

This workshop came to be because adults expressed a real interest in having a version for themselves. In the yoga that Megan and I teach, we strive to get people out of their comfort zone and blow their own minds with what they are capable of. Of what is possible. That it isn’t too late, that they aren’t too old. This class is designed to be a big, fun kick in the (yoga) pants to do that. Also, people start to take the practice so seriously, and while it is challenging, there is room for fun and self-expression. Our hope is to get out of that comfort zone and stop being complacent, stop telling themselves they can’t and start saying they can.

Who will be attending the workshop? Can anyone do it?

Anybody who wants to get out of their comfort zone, try something new, yogis who want to try breakdance, breakdancers who want to try yoga, there is no one who shouldn’t attend. Really. It’s fun, it’s challenging, there will be great music and amazing, supportive people. Like I tell my students all the time, if you are on the fence and thinking you shouldn’t or can’t, that means you definitely should.

What about the studios?

Power Yoga Buffalo studios are located on Main Street, Elmwood Avenue and East Aurora (opening June 1). The studios specialize in Baptiste Power Yoga

WHO: Molly Muffoletto, Megan Townsend, Carlos Duenas, TJ Veith, Power Yoga Buffalo and Yogis in Service

WHAT: Yoga and Breakdance Workshop

WHEN: Saturday June 11, 6 pm-9 pm

WHERE: Power Yoga Buffalo

ATTEND: Click here to learn about this class, and all of the classes offered by Buffalo Power Yoga

WHY: Proceeds to benefit Yogis in Service

There will be upcoming events in the city proper. All the yoga/breakdance classes for the kids programs are held on Elmwood Avenue. The money raised at the upcoming workshop goes towards programming and classes for city dwellers that would not otherwise have access.

Photo: J Veith – BBJ Photography


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