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3rd annual Buffalo Classic International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament

Author: Josh Ketry

A number of local martial artists, known as Fight Family, will be running the 3rd annual Buffalo Classic International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament this Saturday May 28th from 10am-5pm under the Olympic Hockey pavilion at RiverWorks.  We will have well over 200 competitors competing for points and submissions like arm bars, chokes, and leg locks.  We will also have several super fights starting at 12 noon.  Teams will coming from as far away as NYC, Toronto, Montreal, Pittsburgh and Columbus bringing hundreds of people into the city for the day.


13177932_1053344088069217_4832097945874753625_nThe individuals compete for medals and team points.  The team winner gets a custom made iron shield made here in Buffalo, NY by Steel Crazy Iron Art with the words Nullius in Verba inscribed on it – which is a Latin term used in science that means “take no one’s word”  or “results speak for themselves.”

We will also have a traditional Brazilian Acai Berry Bowl stand called The Acai Project – where you can get delicious Organic Brazilian Acai Berry Bowls over granola with all different kinds of toppings (banana, honey, peanut butter, fruits, coconut, etc).  Acai is a cold served super food that gives energy and has the consistency and taste of sherbet.

There is a $5 spectator fee which is 100% donated to a non profit youth development group called Vector Jiu Jitsu that teaches Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (an art that is usually pretty expensive) for free to low income high school youth in various areas of the country. It also creates a support group for the students to rely on. This past year they had a 100% graduation rate with all of the kids in the program.


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