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Griffin Jones prompts us to look at Old Buffalo vs. New Buffalo

Social commentor and videographer Griffin Jones wants us all to think about Buffalo as it was 20 years ago, and as it stands today. In true Griffin Jones fashion, he’s asking us to step back and take notice that Buffalo is no longer simply a place of wants and needs, it’s a city that has made great strides, especially in the downtown core.

Griffin’s latest video is a broad stroke comparison of Old Buffalo vs. New Buffalo. It’s a testament to the city’s ability to bounce back, and to recreate itself when most people discounted Buffalo as a ‘has been’ Rust Belt shell of its former self. Not to say that we are anywhere near where we want to be – our growth curve has just begun.

I also want you to visit one of Buffalo’s many heritage locations that you’ve never actually been to – I still haven’t been to friggin’ Ulrich’s.

In his video, Griffin asks us to try out all of the new places that are opening, but at the same time support the places that have stood the test of time. He states that his assignment is to check out an old establishment that he has never stepped foot inside – Ulrich’s. We should all try to widen our boundaries and comfort zones. In the end, it’s about exploring… and sharing the places that you find are most fulfilling with others.

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