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BuffaloCryo to open at Fairmont Creamery in May

juka_cryosaunaThe healing method of cryotherapy is quickly becoming one of the hottest tickets to speedy recovery for injury prone athletes. Now there is news of a new cryotherapy facility opening in Downtown Buffalo in May.

BuffaloCryo will soon open at 199 Scott Street, inside the newly renovated Fairmont Creamery, along with a slew of other businesses. Cryotherapy is the next big thing in injury recovery, and is now being utilized by some of the top athletes in the world. As if overnight, the healing method has become a highly recognized and highly sought after process, that is said to be quicker and more effective than other bio-regenerative techniques.

Cryotherapy is also being used to alleviate and treat a number of ailments including Multiple Sclerosis, migraines and depression. 

Whole Body Cryogenic Therapy is the process of cooling of the body (exposed to between -200 and -240 degrees Fahrenheit) by nitrogen vapor. Standing in a cryo tank for s short blast (around three minutes), the body diverts blood to the central core, which allows the injured muscles to recover faster due to decreased pain and inflammation (think of using an ice pack, but in a more generalized way). 

Benefits include:

  • Improved recovery from stress of competitive sports or trainingjuka_cryosauna
  • Reduced inflammation, swelling and pain
  • Enhanced endorphin release
  • Temporary boost in metabolism
  • Decreases symptoms of some skin condition — including psoriasis and acne
  • Pain relief from joint disorders, rheumatoid diseases and fibromyalgia
  • Decreased muscle soreness, spasms and inflammation
  • Improved post-surgical recovery
  • Alleviation of depression, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, migraines and the effects of stress
  • Burn between 600-800 calories per session

According to an article in HealthCare Daily, the use of a cryo chamber for three minutes equates to 24 hours of healing time. While this process is still fairly new, there are plenty of highly regarded cryo enthusiasts (many who were formerly skeptics) that are now praising the quick healing attributes of the process. A look at the BuffaloCryo Facebook page points to some of the world’s most recognized names in sports using the European health trend to get ahead in their game – Floyd Mayweather, LeBron James, and golfers Jason Duffner and Rickie Fowler. BuffaloCryo also points to contenders in MMA (recently legalized in NYS) as prime candidates for the regenerative technique. 

Let’s hope that BuffaloCryo will be able to offer an advantage to some of Buffalo’s top athletes in 2016. Is it a coincidence that BuffaloCryo is located in the same building as Terry Pegula’s main office?

BuffaloCryo | 199 Scott Street | Buffalo, NY |

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