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WNY Permaculture Kick-off Film & Potluck Discussion

Just the other day, my wife told me that chickens are being raised in the US, and then shipped to China, where they are being processed and packaged, before being sent back to the US, to be sold as cheaply as possible. It’s hard to image that this is becoming standard practice, not just for chickens, but for numerous other foods that are no longer being raised/harvested in America.

Permaculture – The development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient – a blend of “permanent” and “agriculture”.

As a society, we are getting further and further apart from food origins and farming practices. To think that the chickens make the trek to China, to facilities that systematically break them down before being shipped back to us for consumption… does it get any worse for the birds, and for the people who are eating them?

Permaculture-Buffalo-NY-filmAre you familiar with “permaculture”? Permaculture is what you get when you combine “permanent” and “agriculture”. Thankfully there are ways to avoid the type of practices that I mention above. How? By supporting local sustainable market gardens (various forms of urban farming), and our regional farms, we are able to ensure that we are eating healthily and responsibly. 

On Saturday, March 19, Farm2Curb and WNY Permaculture will be showing the film Inhabit: A Permaculture Perspective at Sewing Souls Studio. The two sustainably bent organizations are partnering on hands-on projects that are designed to initiate “hands-on projects to support the promotion, design and implementation of permaculture principles throughout our lush, fertile region.”

A “keystone species” is any species in an ecosystem whose population and behavior affects every other species. That’s certainly what we are as a species.

-Inhabit: A Permaculture Perspective

Aside from the film, the two organizations will continue to work on permaculture projects that will benefit Buffalo and the planet. As of late, this city has begun to truly embrace these sorts of sustainable initiatives. While we still have to combat the harmful nature of urban sprawl, we are moving in the right directions when it comes to increasing our ability to transform food deserts into thriving, green, farming oases.

After the film, viewers are invited to attend a donation-based potluck meal and discussion. The event is from 3 to 7 pm.

WNY Permaculture Kick-off Film & Potluck Discussion

Sewing Souls Studios | 356 S Elmwood Avenue | Buffalo, New York 14201 | Saturday, March 19, 2016 | 3PM – 7 PM | See Facebook event

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