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#Coffeeoutside – Celebrate your love of coffee and the great outdoors

Coffee fans are unlike anyone else. People who love coffee will go to the ends of the earth for a brew of the hot or cold drink. They will drink it anywhere – at home, at a café… anywhere they can find it. There are some who will settle for any roast, prepared any way, as long as they get their fix. Others search near and far for their favorite blend, and won’t settle for anything less than the best. But in the end, coffee drinkers all share a common bond.

On Friday, March 11, a troupe of Buffalonians will join together to celebrated the national “Outside Coffee” movement. Starting at 10am, cyclists, outdoor enthusiasts and coffee aficionados will gather at Shoshone Park, where they will start the day by preparing and enjoying a variety of cups of coffee and/or tea, brewed by French presses and espresso makers, using a camping stove to heat up the water. Cyclists are asked to bring their own mugs/thermoses. Or if they’re feeling super camper-like, they can bring their own camping stove to the picnic, and/or other café related gadgets. 

Once the coffee clack is over, and participants have had a chance to rise to the occasion, the group will make a decision as to where to trek to next. It could be a leisurely ride down Hertel, or to another park to brew more coffee… the world is an open, highly caffeinated road.

If the #Coffeeoutside event goes off without a hitch, then organizers are hoping to replicate the occasion in weeks/months ahead.

To learn more about Coffee Outside Buffalo, visit this Facebook page. The event is brought to Buffalo by Bufvelo.


Written by Buffalo Rising

Buffalo Rising

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