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Possibilities: The Perfect Winter Beach

With the upswing of activity in Buffalo and more access to the waterfront on the horizon, the city is has an opportunity to explore creativity and unique design concepts. Winter events such as the Slow Roll, ice bikes at Canalside, Labatt Pond Hockey, the Ice Festival in Larkinville among others are proving that winter weather that made this city famous doesn’t stop a city from being outside.

In a recent design competition hosted by Winter Stations, the introduction appears to describe Buffalo but it was for another city in close proximity.

… winters are long and unpredictable. They consist of varying temperatures, amounts of precipitation, wind, in short: dispositions. There are days the snow falls heavy. Other days are deceptively bright and sunny, but with bristling winds and plummeting cold. The snow accumulates, along with the ice, and sometimes it is blown away, dispersed in drifts. But at some point during the long winter months we wait for the temperatures to rise and the sun to melt it all away. Whether it will do so for good is always an unknown.

Our neighbors in Toronto have released the winners of the Freeze/Thaw design competition which asked designers and artists to respond to the changing climactic conditions and transitions of the Toronto winter.


Winners include In the Belly of the Bear (lead image), a fur lined sphere with a window on top to enjoy the night sky; an undulating bench with asymmetrical curvature that aligns with the shifting nature of sand and also acts as a wind barrier; and a temporary sauna for those who want to really experience the freeze/thaw concept.


Buffalo has the creative talent to do something like this too. Maybe next year when someone invites you to the beach in January it will sound reasonable.

For more photos and information about each design follow this link.

Lead image: In the Belly of a Bear. All Images – © Ben Rahn/A-Frame Studio

Written by T. A. Marciano

T. A. Marciano

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