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Local Science Company launches New Analytics Platform

Author: Robert Creenan

Sentient Science Corp., a Buffalo-based company, with clients around the world, has launched a new data analytics platform that will give operators of rotating mechanical systems a look at the imminent failure rates of their assets.

The new Asset Imminent Death product marries the existing DigitalClone prognostics software with SCADA analytics to give operational, monitoring and supply chain managers a short-term, zero to three-month visibility into the components that are entering failure mode. This information can be used to execute on the remaining useful life of the asset.

asoellinger-Sentient-Science-Buffalo-NY-1Aaron Soellinger joined Sentient Science in October from the Industrial Internet Consortium to build a supply chain automation that will allow operators to organize an optimized “watch list” for machine components and assets.

“Our DigitalClone Live for Operators uses materials science-based models to simulate thousands of test points and accurately predict when components in the gearbox will fail,” said Chief Executive Officer Ward Thomas. “We understand on a microstructural level how cracks initiate inside the material and propagate into pits or spalls, which lead to failure. For the past 18 months, we’ve been able to provide a rolling forecast into the health of our customers’ assets. With this new product, we will be able to tell them which components are beginning nucleation, and the SCADA data will validate our predictions.”

Currently, operators that use condition based monitoring may use big data analytics to find trends from years worth of data to predict when components will fail. This approach is flawed and may cause more frequent-than-needed up tower maintenance service. Sensors, if not installed at installation, are extremely costly and only catch failures when it is too late.

Our DigitalClone Live for Operators uses materials science-based models to simulate thousands of test points and accurately predict when components in the gearbox will fail.

“By fully integrating SCADA with our lifing models, our ‘small data’ approach can tell which key components are already going to fail. We’re listening to the diagnostics to validate and define which turbines need immediate assistance, where the maintenance should be focused and when,” Thomas continued. “What Aaron is doing will be revolutionary to operators, because it will allow operational and supply chain managers to optimize their supplier lists and use our Buy on Life service to choose the right replacement components to ultimately extend the life of their asset.”


Some of Sentient Science’s clients include the National Science Foundation, Boeing, Moog (the famous synthesizer manufacturer), Aerotorque, Next Era Energy, the U.S. Department of Energy, and Penoles, a Mexican mining company.

Sentient Science Corp. Corporate Headquarters: 672 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14209

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