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Niagara Gateway Apartments

After years of neglect, including a controversially torn down church, dated infrastructure, potholes, among other sufferings, Niagara Street is finally gaining crucial momentum. It’s exciting to see renewed interest in the street. D’Youville has stepped up development, and finally the City has began to work on imperative infrastructure improvements.

Now HHL Architects and Regan Development Corporation are getting ready to tackle a Classic Revival style complex, and the latest renderings look as if the architects are paying their due respects. The plan appears to honor the architectural roots of the complex (facing Niagara). It’s too bad that we lost Saint Mary’s on The Hill when we did – it just goes to show you that there is never a good time for senseless demolitions, especially when it comes to buildings that are 100+ years old.


From a previous BRO article(s):

Regan Development Corporation and HHL Architects are moving forward on a project to transform a handsome Classic Revival style complex at 885 Niagara Street. The current 77,000 sq. ft. building will be modified and converted into 53 apartments geared towards low and moderate income residents. Units will be a mix of one and two bedrooms, with 8 apartments reserved for homeless refugees.

The Medina sandstone and Roman brick structure was constructed circa 1903 for use by the Buffalo Milk Company. It was designed by the architect of the original Pierce-Arrow showroom on Main Street, Sidney H. Woodruff.


“The current complex consists of a three-story sandstone and masonry structure at the corner of Niagara Street and Massachusetts Avenue. There is a one-story masonry section that connects to another three-story sandstone and masonry section off Prospect. Regan is proposing to demolish the majority of the property including the three-story portion along Prospect, the single-story connector, and the interior of the three-story portion fronting Niagara Street.

According to [previous] plans prepared by HHL Architects, the three most ornate facades fronting Niagara Street, Massachusetts Avenue, and an alley to the south would be preserved. The remainder of the footprint would be in-filled with new three-story construction utilizing a modern, metal wall facade. Apartments would be one, two, and three-bedroom units. The two commercial space areas would front Niagara Street.”

A $1.81 million grant was awarded to the project by New York state through the Better Buffalo Fund initiative, with a total project cost of around $8 million.

Construction will commence later this year with possible completion by next fall.


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