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Don’t Criticize a Division Road Victory

The Buffalo Bills went into NJ and did what they normally don’t do… they won a critical road division game when it REALLY mattered. Having said that, I would be willing to guarantee that there was not one Bills fan alive that didn’t think they would blow it after the muffed punt. Somehow, some way, Buffalo avoided what has plagued them time and time again over their history.

All of the heartbreaking losses that have piled up over the years crept back into all of our minds as we just sat there and wondered – how in the world are they going snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory again? Wait, the OTHER team is the one that left a possible touchdown rotting on the field? Yes, thanks to an ill-timed lack of execution, it was the Jets who had an open WR who just needed to keep running to the corner of the endzone in order to put the final nail in the Bills coffin.

Who cares if the Bills could not get a first down for most of the 4th quarter to save their life. Who cares if the daunting task of taking on the Patriots in Foxboro looms right over their heads. Today, the season is alive and as the team continues to get healthier, maybe the hopes of the fans (myself included) just got healthier too. Why not us? Why can’t this team turn it around? Because it’s Buffalo and we are not allowed to have nice things in the sports world? A few channels away, Jack Eichel and the Sabres were downing another opponent as they continue to be one of the hottest teams during their current run. Do we dare not imagine the thought of even keeping the Patriot game close, let alone winning it?

As I saw it, the stars of last night consisted of Rambo, Darby and McCoy. I will be the first to admit that I did not like the Kiko trade when it first happened but now, as we all get to see a fully healthy Shady, you can’t help but get excited when he touches the ball. Add Karlos to the mix, along with a mistake free Tyrod, and it’s possible that we CAN think about this team making a run over the next few weeks. My goal for the next 3 games would be to get to 7-5 with no further injuries to the key positions. The Patriots game will be stress free compared to last night as I really don’t expect a whole lot to be different from past meetings. Then again… maybe, just maybe, the guys in that locker room will have something to say about that……

Written by John Nussbaumer

John Nussbaumer

John (Josh) grew up in Buffalo where he stayed until moving to Chicago for 13 years right after college. It is there that he worked for some of the top sports marketing companies in the country.

6 years ago, he formed Bison Entertainment Group which provides client entertaining and incentives to companies all over the world. Whether it is tickets/suites, private housing at the Masters, Super Bowl, athlete/celebrity appearances, putting together national sales meetings or incentive trips, his company covers it all!

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