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World Premiere – The End of the Internet

Following is a message from filmmaker Christian Svanes Kolding, who will be flying in to attend the Buffalo International Film Festival (BIFF), along with his film’s co-producer and lead actor.

I’m a Danish filmmaker with a comedic short film that’s having its world premiere this week at the Buffalo International Film Festival. I will be present for the screening, together with the film’s co-producer and lead actor. We think our film will resonate with Buffalo audiences, as it’s a story about online culture and its impact on our culture at large. The screening takes place on Saturday, October 17th, at 4 pm at the Squeaky Wheel cinema. The film’s Facebook page is here.

Things have changed so fast over the last two decades that it is often easy to forget that most of us lived in a time without YouTube, without Vine and Instagram, without Facebook, and the millions of websites that grab our collective attention every day. It’s odd to think that Flickr (a photo sharing service that was once essential to online life) is barely ten years old. We’re hoping that our little film can spark a conversation about many of the changes that are taking place.

In a complex, personal and rich new work. Multimedia artist and filmmaker Christian Svanes Kolding explores the dangers lurking at the internet’s edge where once can find anything at THE END OF THE INTERNET.

Hopefully, my co-collaborator and I will succeed in organising a post-screening event where we can get a conversation going with people who live in Buffalo (to be announced on Facebook page).

Subjects that we’d love to have a dialogue around include:

  • The extraordinarily strange content that people find online and how it’s changed their perspectives.
  • The way that internet culture shapes pop culture.
  • How the way that people consume online content has an impact on their day to day lives, including the way that they work as well as socialize, not to mention the privacy that consumers are willing to give up in exchange for free content and services.
  • The way that online culture shapes our view of the world at large.

It’s mostly a funny conversation but there are a few serious implications. we’d love to talk with people in Buffalo about these things.

Part of the Buffalo International Film Festival, it’s a story for fans of online culture who have questions about the way the internet shapes our lives. The comedic short film is part of BIFF’s Experimental Shorts Program. The entire program runs 80 minutes. Director and Lead actor will be present for the screening, with a Q & A to follow.

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