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There’s another fight a comin’… remember the first one?

Now that Gates Circle Hospital has come down, surrounding neighbors are mobilizing to oppose proposed zoning changes that would alter the historic fabric of the site. Neighbors are saying that they are against the transition of the property to commercial, fearing that the re-designation would allow future developers to run roughshod over the neighborhood. Lawn signs reading “Preserve Neighborhood Zoning – Super Size Gates Circle” are being planted up and down streets. The action is in anticipation of an upcoming planning board meeting, scheduled to be held on October 6.

Lancaster Avenue Block Club President Gretchen Cercone said, “We put out a call to the neighborhood and in less than 24 hours we raised more than $1000 toward the purchase of yard signs to send the message that we are unified in our desire to preserve neighborhood zoning at Gates Circle. This is not just a couple of disgruntled anti-development types. What we are witnessing here is a unified message from all sides of the neighborhood bordering the Gates Circle property. We will not stand for a blanket commercial zoning designation in the heart of a historic residential neighborhood.”

As long as we’re all talking about the future of Gates Circle, maybe we should be adding another piece of the Gates Circle puzzle to the conversation? After demolishing a perfectly good restaurant – The Park Lane – the only thing that we have managed to do is nothing in return. What the heck ever happened to the Uniland (Montante) proposed 23-story luxury condo tower?

After the community fiercely petitioned for the building to be built, and residents in the Park Lane Condominiums screamed from the rooftops that their views would be obstructed, the project simply fizzled out. One would think that this would be the perfect time to put together a master plan for all of Gates Circle, including the seemingly scratched condo tower.

Maybe the tower would be a good visual buffer to the commercial Canterbury Woods “mixed use urban district” that is being proposed by TM Montante to replace the hospital.


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