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Testing Out Projections on Outer Harbor Silos

The Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation (ECHDC) has been experimenting with video projections that illuminate the silos at the Outer Harbor (near Times Beach). Last night I went down to catch a demonstration, but got caught in a rain storm. What I saw of the display was quite impressive. I ended up watching the show for about ten minutes, from the Central Wharf at Canalside, which is where the prime viewing area is located. The projections can also be seen from The Skyway – a perspective that I’m sure has got to be fairly dramatic. The lead image in this post is a rendering provided by the ECHDC.

After requesting some information on the project, the ECHDC provided the following lowdown regarding the show:

Background: Lighting Buffalo’s grain elevators, which have such a rich history, has long been part of Governor Cuomo and Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation’s larger vision for the redevelopment of Buffalo’s waterfront.  We are now nearly one step closer to adding an exciting, visually interesting component to Canalside and the Outer Harbor.  The dynamic, evolving light display on the grain elevator facade across the river from Canalside will transform our iconic concrete structure into a contemplative artistic lighting installation and keep visitors coming back to the site to share the experience with friends and family while enjoying their time on the waterfront.

Testing Info/What You’re Seeing Now: Ambiance Design Productions is currently in town testing the lights in preparation for the launch early next month. This week Ambiance is finishing its aiming of fixtures and testing speed, intensity and positioning of the static lighting.  Ambiance will begin testing the programming/sequencing of the lighting next week.  It is important to note that what you are seeing now at night is testing and NOT the final product.  Once launched in early November, the programming will run from dusk to midnight every night, all year long.  Details on the public launch event will be forthcoming on Canalside Buffalo’s website and social media channels.

Lighting: The light spectacle is artistically inspired.  Programming of the lights will be inspired by both abstract and iconic images of naturally occurring phenomenons through the lens of a kaleidoscope to create a beacon-like light sculpture. There will be five layers of lights, two of which will address all four sides of the structure.  It will glorify our grain elevators and give them a second life.

My photos, taken by a camera that is not great at capturing long distance shots at night, in the pouring rain, does not do justice to the awesome illuminations that I saw last night (even if it was just a test). But since I got soaked taking the photos, here they are anyways…

Projector-Buffalo-NY-silos Grain-Elevator-lighting-Buffalo-NY-3


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