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Millard-Fillmore Goes Down Stoically, Buffalo Resurgence Rolls On…

When I first arrived in Buffalo in April 2013, one of the first landmarks that I came across was that tall, almost brutalist, empty hospital tower on the western periphery of Gates Circle. It’s vacuous presence has towered over the surrounding mansions of Delaware Ave & Chapin Parkway since it was abandoned in March 2012 to make way for TM Montante’s redevelopment of the site. A monument to another era in Buffalo’s history,  it has stood there over Gates Circle with a foreboding institutional greyness – empty, dark, and haunting. A timeless piece of the Chapin landscape, it had become a familiar milepost on my Delaware Ave runs.

Following are three videos of the implosion- normal speed, slow motion, and drone capture…

Millard-Fillmore Implosion (normal speed) – Bruce Haydon

Millard-Fillmore Implosion (slow-motion) – Bruce Haydon

Millard-Fillmore Implosion (Drone footage) – Sonny Drono

Millard-Fillmore Implosion (Drone footage) – Tim Teach Buffalo Skycam

Despite repeated assertions that the best way to experience the implosion was to watch it on video due to the dust, traffic, ungodly hour, etc., witnessing this in person represented one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to experience what is in truth a pretty rare event. While the Millard-Filmore implosion wouldn’t quite rank up there with the likes of the celebrated building implosions of old Las Vegas casinos (complete with fireworks), it was still pretty big news.

So it was with a few mild pangs of nostalgia that I observed the building’s countdown to its final moments, huddled with other photographers on the site’s parking garage vantage point. With  a series of booming flashes that literally shook the ground, the landmark buckled and slowly collapsed to earth, its top floors crumbling into Buffalo’s history books and roiling columns of dust.

Rest In Peace, old girl.



Written by Bruce Haydon

Bruce Haydon

Bruce Haydon is an obsessed runner and passionate writer who devotes his time to exploring and supporting his beloved Queen City. Bruce is originally from Ontario, Canada, relocating for work to both Bermuda and New York City before settling down in Buffalo in 2013. After initially suffering withdrawal from NYC life, he quickly grew to love his new home city, and has since become an ardent supporter and urbanist of all things Buffalo. Working in the financial sector by day, Bruce has been writing for Buffalo Rising since 2014, where he covers a number of topics relating to the city's ongoing evolution. With a love of the arts, culture and architecture, he devotes a considerable amount of his spare time researching the rich history of the area's illustrious past.

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