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12th Annual Local Author Book Signing Event

What’s your favorite Buffalo book? That’s a tough question, because these days authors are coming out of the woodwork, writing about this city’s history and those that helped to build Buffalo as we know it. Actually, a lot of Buffalo got destroyed along the way, so it’s even more important to have as many authors telling us their versions of the story, in order to piece together the whole picture.

To get a grasp on just who is being published, and what the topics are, each year the Buffalo History Museum assembles together upwards of 75 authors, live in person, who conduct book signings for their fans. This year, authors include:

Christina Abt, Jackie Albarella, Rita Auerbach, Rick Azar/Jeff & Greg Carballada, Budd Bailey, Rich Blake, Donald Blank,Tim Bohen, Hugh & Evelyn Brady, Patricia Ann Butler, Steve Cichon, David Coleman, Lorna Czarnota, John M. Davidson, William Donohue, Martin Ederer, Stephen Eoannou, Wende Essrow, John Fagant, Gary Friedman, Dinah Gamin, Mark Goldman, John Grandits, Anthony Graziano, Matt Gryta, Michael Haggerty, Gerald Halligan, Renee Oubre, Heather Lynn Harris, Rosanne Higgins, Donna Hoke, Melissa Johns, John Koerner, Douglas Kohler, George Kunz,Mary Kunz, Deborah Madar, Patrick Mahoney, Donald Mang, Jeremiah McClain, Thanya Mckinnon, Jake Miller, Jeff Miller, Nancy Mingus, Paul Moore, Mary Mullett-Flynn, Stephen Nawotniak, David Noyes, John Percy, John and Graham Millar Mark Pogodzinski, Tom Rivers, Jennie Rook, Anthony Rudnicki, Christina Saarinen, Jim Santella, Jeff Schober, Jan Sheridan, Michael Shurgot, Melinda Sippel, John Kennedy, David Smeltz, Christine Smyczynski, Greg Sterlace, Amy Ludwig VanDerwater, Julianna Fiddler Woite and Mary Zablock.

The Local Author Book Signing Event is free and open to the public – parking is complimentary and convenient. For more information, the public may call The Buffalo History Museum at (716) 873-9644 ext. 0. Visit the website: for all calendar updates. 

12th Annual Local Author Book Signing Event

Date: 11/28/2015 | 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM

One Museum Court – The Buffalo History Museum, Buffalo, NY

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Buffalo Rising

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