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The Race for the Wild Card?

Well, after two weeks into the NFL season, many Bills fans have gone from planning the parade route to mumbling the familiar phrase… same old Bills. The problem is not that it’s the same old Bills, the problem is that it’s the same old Patriots. After a dominant display of the Buffalo defense in week one vs the Colts, Tom Brady and Coach Bill reminded everyone in these parts that we have a long way to go in order to take over the division.

The key right now is to not overreact and understand that the buzzsaw that Rex and Co. just walked into is the same team that just came off another Super Bowl victory. Coach Ryan was the first to admit that he did NOT game-plan very well for this one and it’s time to move on to Miami. Personally, I think the Bills will be just fine and it was probably better that the Patriots put them back in their place sooner rather than later. Not until those two teams face each other in the 2nd meeting will the Bills face another QB even remotely as good as Tom Brady.

Tyrod Taylor has played well enough to give fans hope that along with this defense (yes, the one that was just shredded for over 500 yards) the Bills will have a good shot at 10 plus victories. The AFC as a whole looks to me like the Patriots and everybody else. Even some of the teams like Denver, Baltimore and Miami seem to have major kinks in the armor.

Discipline is going to be the name of the game from here on out as the Bills need to steer away from play that awarded them the most penalized team in the NFL after two weeks. Now that all the hot air has been let out from New England coming to town, these guys can concentrate on the game being played ON the field instead of the one being talked about in front of the microphones.

If you had told me that Buffalo would be 1-1 after playing the two teams in the AFC Championship last year, I would have taken it in a heartbeat. Expectations are high but let’s not forget that the Bills have not sniffed the playoffs in 15 years. Time to get back on track and do what they do best to Tannehill and the Dolphins, attack, attack, attack.

Written by John Nussbaumer

John Nussbaumer

John (Josh) grew up in Buffalo where he stayed until moving to Chicago for 13 years right after college. It is there that he worked for some of the top sports marketing companies in the country.

6 years ago, he formed Bison Entertainment Group which provides client entertaining and incentives to companies all over the world. Whether it is tickets/suites, private housing at the Masters, Super Bowl, athlete/celebrity appearances, putting together national sales meetings or incentive trips, his company covers it all!

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