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New Urbanites Still Need Mother Nature

Listening to a story on Brian Lehrer show (WNYC) today… as more and more people are city living now, the need to make contact with nature is seen as very important.

Just as the Martin House and Albright Knox have been keystones to the resurgence of Buffalo in architecture etc., I believe the new urbanites still need Mother Nature here also. There is Delaware Park and the waterfront now, but another great location is lurking not far away that is the most refreshing walk in nature I have come across.

Knox State Park has a wonderful dog park for the city dogs to have a good play and run. The meadows and woodland paths for people (and their dogs on leash) offer a long, easy walk in either full sun or complete shade and choice of how long the walker wants the walk to be. The wildflowers grow in abundance in the fields the majority of the year and are full of nesting birds and others. I have met more deer on my walks than people.

I live in the country, near a very long bike path. But I will always take the opportunity to travel the 10-15 miles to East Aurora for the peace and rolling hill beauty of this wonderful park. I am almost afraid to tell anyone about it, it is too good. There should be small bus rides out to the park from the city for city dwellers to enjoy this wonderful location.

There is a fine line between not enough support to keep a park going and too many people. Knox State Farm seems able to handle it well as they have various non-profit fund-raising activities there.

For more information, see Friends of Knox Farm State Park (lead image) on Facebook.

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