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Citizens to Save Gates Circle

TM Montante is seeking to have The City rezone Gates Circle, as the developer moves forward with its plans for the Canterbury Gates Circle project. There will be a hearing on Tuesday regarding the last minute rezoning proposal. Already, block clubs surrounding the circle, and concerned residents throughout the city, are organizing to oppose the change, from existing R2 and R5 zoning to C1. Neighbors claim that the rezoning would not be necessary for the Canterbury project, as variances would suffice. The C1 designation would leave the doors wide open for other developments down the road (if the property was to be sold), which could potentially ruin the integrity of the historic circle. As a city, our past development records have not been very noteworthy, as we can see by viewing an intersection just one block away.

The C1 distinction allows for 100,000+ square feet of space. That means that a big box store could potentially be built, which is something that the neighborhood would never want. Or a strip mall even. Opponents state that they are not opposed to the current plans, and feel that a variance by The City would be a way to move the development forward. They believe that the change is zoning would be detrimental to the circle, as it is impossible to tell the future of the site, and the Pandora’s Box that would be opened if the zoning change was granted.

The zoning hearing is scheduled for Tuesday 9/8 at 8:15am. A Facebook page has been set up to discuss the issue and rally support for the cause.

Photo: Citizens to Save Gates Circle on Facebook

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