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Scajaquada Traffic Calming Efforts Raise More Questions

Traffic calming work is underway along the Scajaquada Corridor. The work entails road re-striping and narrowing efforts.

“Today marks an important step forward in the ongoing transformation of the Scajaquada Expressway. Re-striping and narrowing the lanes is the first in a series of interim traffic calming measures to be implemented, and I am pleased to see that the work is now underway. Adjusting drivers to the new 30 mph speed limit is an important step in the process to transform the Scajaquada. The work being done now, and the other interim traffic calming measures which will be installed in the coming weeks, will help to accomplish this goal. We need to continue to move quickly to engage the public to discuss long term plans for the Scajaquada.”

While these traffic calming efforts are important, there are some road diet advocates who are reminding the public that the Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) needs to stick closer to its original 2004 plans that were released, and at the time were well received by the community. In a recent e-blast sent out by GROW WNY, the question was raised by a number of traffic calming advocates that while re-striping and lane narrowing efforts are appreciated, it’s important to remain steadfast in united efforts that would see the 2004 plan trump the now outdated 2013 plan.

At this point, right-sizing advocates would like to see the NYSDOT move forward with the 2004 long-term vision that was extensively studied over a decade ago. Your opinion matters. Some of the best projects in Buffalo got started because of public outcry and citizen involvement. Now is the perfect time for everyone to get involved.


From GROW WNY – “Last month, we included a quick update on the WNYEA Transportation Working Group’s 2015 goal to right-size the Scajaquada Corridor to be consistent with the community’s stated goals. Since the recent tragedy on the Scajaquada, the New York State Department of Transportation started implementing short-term measures to adjust driver behavior to the new 30 MPH speed limit. The Scajaquada Corridor Coalition (SCC), a coalition of WNYEA members, residents, block clubs, institutions and elected officials, continues to express the community’s desire to right-size the expressway in the long-term. In order to achieve this, they need your help.”

Rethinking Route 198

Once again, the community is being enlisted to help push for the appropriate traffic calming measures.

What can you do?

Some of the best projects in Buffalo got started due to citizen action. Get involved! To start, you can:

Sign-up for a committee or the newsletter on SCC’s website

Sign the petition at NYS Assemblymember Sean Ryan’s website

Write an editorial to local news agencies

Contact Governor Cuomo

Text SCC to 877-877 to participate in the GROW WNY  texting poll

Learn more about this project in its most recent edition of the Scajaquada Journal


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