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Paula’s hosts worthy event. Ask them to open a location in the city when you stop by.

Numerous people consider Paula’s Donuts the best donut shop in the region. So it’s a surprise that they don’t have a location in the city. When culinary guru Alton Brown paid a visit to Buffalo, he claimed that the best thing that he ate was the glazed sour cream donut at Paula’s. The donut shop is currently opening a new location at the South Gate Plaza, but there is no word about a city location. Their other two locations are in Tonawanda and Williamsville.

The reason that Paula’s Donuts was on my mind today, is because the business is hosting a special fundraiser on August 29. On that day, Paula’s will be donating $1 to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of WNY for every dozen donuts that it sells (from 5 am to 9 pm). The initiative is part of the Buffalo Rising Stars Program. Visitors to 2319 Sheridan Drive in Tonawanda and 8560 Main Street in Williamsville will have a chance to make a difference in the lives of those afflicted with the life-threatening disorder.

Now, let’s hope that Paula’s takes a page out of the Ted’s and Pizza Plant book, by opening a location somewhere in the city. There is no doubt that the urban location would thrive, especially if located on Elmwood or Hertel. There are a few open storefronts that would suit the business nicely.

*Thanks to the BRO reader who passed along the info on the Paula’s charitable fundraiser. In his email, he said, “Too bad Paula’s Donuts is not located inside the City. I know a few people from Los Angeles who have tried Paula’s and say they are better than any donuts they have ever had in LA.”

Paula’s Donuts…

Honeydip (yeast ring donut, glazed)
Glazed Frycake (cake donut ring, glazed)
Glazed Cinnamon (fritter shape donut with cinnamon throughout the dough, glazed, no filling)
Cheese (yeast raised dough pocket filled with cheese Danish filling, glazed)
Raised Twists (yeast raised dough in a long twisted, stick form, glazed)
Glazed Cruller (cake dough in a long twisted, stick shape, glazed)
Red Velvet (flavor cake dough, round, glazed)
Chocolate Honeydip (flavor cake dough, round, glazed)
Glazed Sour Cream (flavor cake dough, round, glazed)
Orange Juice (flavor cake dough, stick, glazed)*
Cherry (flavor cake dough, round, glazed)*
Pumpkin (flavor cake dough, round, glazed)*
Apple Crisp (flavor cake dough, round, glazed)*
Blueberry (flavor cake dough, round, glazed)*

Sugar Jelly (sugar coated yeast donut with raspberry jelly filling)
Frosted Jelly (raspberry filled yeast donut with white frosting)
Black Forest (raspberry filled yeast donut with chocolate frosting)
Strawberry (powder coated yeast donut with strawberry jelly- has tiny seeds)
Strawberry Shortcake (powder coated yeast donut with angel cream & strawberry jelly/tiny seeds)
Jelly Stick (cake donut stick filled with raspberry jelly)
Peanut Jelly (peanut coated yeast donut with raspberry jelly filling)

Lead image by Casey Milbrand from Paula’s Facebook page

Written by queenseyes


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