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NF Pints 4 Progress on Old Falls St. – August 19th at 6pm

Pints 4 Progress has been moving community projects forward since 2013 when the idea was conceived by group of movers and shakers in Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls Pints 4 Progress is a simple idea – Bring people together for a different type of civic gathering. Apply local music, location and refreshments to create a unique setting, unlike traditional meetings. Invite any and everyone to pitch a project that can better the City of Niagara Falls. Let the attendees vote on the winning project, and award the ticket proceeds to help make it happen.

Eleven events later NF Pints for Progress has continued to grow in popularity having at its peak 135 attendees (5x that of a typical Niagara Falls city council meeting) representing over $1000 in funds to sow into a grassroots project in the city. While that may not sound like a lot, in the context of a city that for years has struggle from an inferiority complex and defeatist mentality, it is incredible to say the least.

In 2015, the city is starting to see real concrete change … yes … literally concrete is being poured on several major projects within the city! The Robert Moses Parkway’s removal is reclaiming waterfront. New hotels and restaurants are being opened. Construction cranes, once thought of as foreign beings, are gracing the sky line. This progress does not fix everything. It is also not guaranteed that local residents see it on a daily basis. That is why ideas like Pints 4 Progress are so important. It is a way to actually connect people to our changing scenery and each other. It today’s reality, negativity spreads ten times as quickly as news of incremental positive change. Social media has also become so prevalent, that it is much easier to scroll than interact face to face. There is still a place for face to face civics. We just need to redefine it. Do better than the old way. Get people together. That’s also what NF Pints for Progress is about.

Come out on August 19th at 6pm in the middle block of Old Falls Street and take part of REAL CHANGE happening and share in fellowship with many individuals and groups in the heat of it all!

Written by Niagara Falls Guy

Niagara Falls Guy

Buffalo and Niagara Falls are connected as a region. The cities are tied together through an economic, cultural and environmental climate. Not to mention the people that strive to make Western NY a place that is filled with growth and opportunity. Niagara Falls is an international draw that deserves ample coverage when fitting news comes to pass.

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