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“DeflateGate” Hat Rolls Out at Bills’ Game

If you watched yesterday’s preseason Bills’ game, don’t let the loss in the final minutes get you down. Instead, concentrate your thoughts and energy on “DeflateGate”. Need a tangible reminder that winning is not always what it’s cracked up to be, especially when surrounded in controversy… ahem – The Patriots?

Instead of letting the cheating antics of Tom Brady roll off your back, a new “DeflateGate” hat was rolled out at The Bills’ preseason game yesterday. The “DeflateGate” hat first debuted earlier in the week, outside the New York City courthouse at the Tom Brady-NFL hearing.

“What better way to tweak the New England Patriots than with these fun items to commemorate their tainted 2014 Super Bowl season?”

Mike Lieber, President of Airheadzzz, the creator of the deflated football hat, doesn’t want people to forget the negative hoopla that surrounded the 2014 Super Bowl. Instead, he has come up with a hat that taunts Brady and his fumbling antics at every turn.

Lieber has released the “Airhead” – the classic polyurethane deflated football hat. The “AirheadPlus+” – the deflated football hat with an air needle sticking out. And the “Pinhead” – the slick, silver air needle hat. 

“The Patriots may say ‘We’re on to 2015,’ but with the Airhead, Pinhead and ‘Deflatriots’ gear, we can remind them that like SpyGate and the Tuck Rule, NFL fans have long memories!” – Lieber – Foam hats cost between $34.95 and $38.95. All items feature free shipping.

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