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Coming Soon: Buffalo Wings Service Shuttle

Buffalo-Wings-Shuttle-Buffalo-NY-4Everyone once in a while, if you put an idea (want or need) into the universe, the universe responds with a gift. In this case, I was hoping for a broadranging public shuttle service, just the other day, after learning about The Zoofari (see here). In response to the post, entrepreneurs Jake Hager and Riley McFarland reached out to Buffalo Rising to let us know that they were in the process of launching “Buffalo’s First Hop On & Off Entertainment Shuttle”.

Brilliant, and about time!

The way the Buffalo Wings Service Shuttle will work is simple. The service shuttle will make approximately 13 stops from the University District to the Buffalo Creek Casino. Riders will be able to pay:

  • $7 for unlimited rides from 7pm to 12 pm
  • $7 for unlimited rides from 12pm to 5am
  • $10 for unlimited rides from 7pm to 5am

The total travel loop will take the bus one hour to complete the journey.

Next, Jake and Riley want to add a second bus to the service route, so that the time between stops will be half an hour (instead of an hour). Initial stops will include University District, Hertel Avenue, Elmwood, Allentown, Chippewa, Pearl Street, Canalside and Buffalo Creek Casino. Jake and Matt told me that they feel that the service shuttle will be super convenient for people who simply want to take direct routes to Buffalo-Wings-Shuttle-Buffalo-NY-2get to their entertainment destinations. Plus it will get some cars off the street, especially those people who might be out partying and driving. It will also help to free up some parking.

In a town where there is no Uber or Lyft (at the moment), and public transportation options are seriously lacking, these guys feel as if they are getting into the game while the going is good. “Hailing a taxi can be tough around here,” they told me. “This service will appeal to the tourists and the locals. We will have flatscreens on the shuttle that will give tour tips to riders. This is more of a European model of transportation. We will have a real time phone app that tracks the service shuttle, so you always know where it is. This will make life so much easier – you can simply walk out of a restaurant and know that we will be there waiting for you.”

All of the ticketing for Buffalo Wings will be done using the phone app, which makes the service even more convenient. It won’t be long before the first vehicle hits the streets, with a capacity of 20 riders sitting and 10 standing. Then, it’s only a matter of time before the second bus hits the streets.

In order to introduce the public to this new transportation option, Jake and Riley will be offering free rides for one week after the initial launch (we will keep you posted). After that, it’s off to the races, and the sky is the limit for these young go-getters who are out to prove that when something needs to get done in this city, there’s no reason to not simply go ahead and do it yourself.

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