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Uniland Plans Townhouses for Redeveloped Nazareth Site

Uniland Development has submitted an application to the City for the demolition of the former Nazareth Nursing Home at 291 North Street. The company is planning two-story townhome style residences for the 2.94-acre site that it purchased in April.

The existing structures date back to 1962 and are located in the Allentown Historic Preservation District. According to material submitted to the Preservation Board for its June 11 meeting, “the buildings are structurally sound but they are outdated and in fair to poor condition. After many studies, we have determined that it is not economically feasible to renovate the existing structures for reuse and bring them up to current building codes.”


The preliminary site plan shows six residential buildings, private patios, and access off of North Street at the western edge of the site. There would be pedestrian-only access to Summer Street. From the application:

The proposed redevelopment will be a luxury residential community. There will be attached garages and on-site parking for each residential unit. The final design of the residential buildings is on-going and we are unable to share building elevations or finish materials with you at this time.

Uniland estimates the demolition work to cost $500,000 and expects to submit designs to the City for approval in the “next two or three months.”

The application does not specify whether the units will be rentals or for-sale townhomes.

“At this time, our plans are preliminary and we will share them when we have more details. We are confident that the finished product will reflect Uniland’s reputation for results,” says Jill Pawlik, Uniland spokesperson.

Get Connected: Uniland Development, 716.834.5000


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  • jim1234664

    Looks lovely so far. Here’s hoping for inspired design and high quality materials at least for the set that front north street

  • KevinRyan1

    This is where demolition is good. These buildings never were a good fit for this beautiful neighborhood. I’m picturing Boston/Georgetown/DC style row town houses..:)

  • reggdunn

    Looks good so far.

  • Fly Street

    Looks like these buildings will not be facing the North Street.. would like to see more info, but seems very odd.

  • With Mayfair Lane just down the street they have a lot to live up to!
    If they do choose to do condo’s they should be able to easily fetch in the 350-500k.  For people that are looking for a new build open layout this should be a ticket.  It is certainly a great spot for development.  A great opportunity to right some wrongs of the 1950/60’s.

  • JSmith11

    KevinRyan1 I don’t think we’re going to get anything like that. Look at the site plan – the back of one building faces North Street and a driveway gives access to the buildings.
    It would be much better if at least the first building had doors leading out onto North, rather than just the back of the building separated by a row of shrubs.

  • Jumpingbuffalo

    No one will miss this building when they tear it down.
    I agree with Fly Street – the site plan is unusual as it appears that the buildings are facing away from North Street.
    I would at least hope with Uniland, the design will be more modern or at least upscale to appeal to high-end buyers.

  • RaChaCha

    Hard to form an opinion about this without a rendering. That they didn’t provide one makes one wonder if it’s, like, a horrid design or something. Like releasing a movie without giving the press an advance screening.

    I’d been kind of hoping we’d get away from the multiple-buildings-in-a-row site plans that exist on that block.

  • texpat

    It would be nice if they could change the orientation of the buildings to 2×2 with 2 fronting North St.  I don’t know if the lot will allow for that as it seems narrow on the plat but looks like is wide in the picture.  Three floors would be nice as the building heights on the street are 3 floors or higher.  Cast stone facades or red brick; please no dryvit; stucco is not a good fit for Buffalo  I figure these will need to sell for over $500K to justify the acquisition and demolition costs.  Along these lines maybe minus the front load garage.

  • David Steele

    That is about as uninspired as it gets

  • jonny99

    @ David Steele, your kidding right, there is not even a rendering yet and you are trashing it.

  • aojwny

    From what little we can tell from this diagrammatic site plan it appears as though the town houses front on the interior driveways, with their entrance facades dominated by garages.

  • 300miles

    I’m glad that this is going to be residential, and not just another apartment building.
    I think people are having delusions that this is going to be a classy east coast style rowhouse or a Boston brownstone walkup … from the site plan, my gut tells me it’s going to be your basic run-of-the mill rental townhouse that we see all over the suburbs… just squeezed into a tighter area.  While uninspiring, I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing as long as the building facing North street has a higher quality design. Most of us will never see more that that front façade of the first buildin… but having affordable new-build townhouses in the city would be a huge asset for people that want more than just an apartment, but don’t want to take care of a big historic house.
    Don’t get me wrong… I wish we DID have quality walkup-style townhouses here in the city.  But this isn’t going to be it.   A more realistic opportunity for that would be if someone bought and renovated some of the historic street-facing ones we already have… OR, in a project that is developing entire streets like highland park.

  • bobmur

    I’m not from Buffalo, I’m originally from New York City.  My step-daughter used to babysit for Jane Jacobs back in the day when she lived in NYC.  Does no one in Buffalo know her ideas?  They were inspired by early Greenwich Village when it  was a mix of historic homes, ethnic enclaves, and all kind of small businesses, even a wholesale meat market district. I could go on and on about the diversity of the old Greenwich Village. But I’m in Buffalo and I want to mention several of the Pride Marches when they began at  Kleinhans and would go down North St until they went up Elmwood.  And the aides at Nazareth and Grace Manor would wheel out the residents so they could cheer and clap us Pride Marchers on.  And I thought that i’d love to live in those homes when it was my time.  And then we’d go past the supermarket plaza on Elmwood and people would also come to the curbs to cheer us on.  Diversity !  Aliveness ! Inclusion !

  • North Park

    Fly Street Looks like they could be facing North St. with a service alley to the rear with the parking, trash, etc. We won’t know until we see the renderings.

  • Black Rock Lifer

    The Nazareth Nursing Home started in 1946 in the Naylon Mansion that once stood on the site. The sisters built the center portion of the existing complex in 1950 and attached it to the rear of the mansion. In 1955 they built another addition to the rear.  In 1966 they demolished the mansion and added the existing building fronting on North St. The sisters told me nothing was removed from the house, all the woodwork, mantles, grand staircase, etc were sent to a landfill. In 1966 this stuff just wasn’t appreciated or valued.
    The rear yard area still has remnants of the mansion grounds including trees and plants as well as a large sandstone slab marked with Roman Numerals. There are also several buried flagstone walks and original garden beds. There are oaks, a giant horse chestnut, grapes, raspberries, and hundreds of various spring bulbs. The property is like a miniature nature preserve with many different birds and small wildlife making their home in the green space.
    I hope Uniland recognizes the value of preserving the yard area, it would certainly add value and I believe be appreciated by the future occupants.

  • North Park

    statastic David Steele He may not be kind in his words. But many of us agree with his sentiments (well, most of them anyways).

  • David Steele

    statastic why don’t you use your real name so I can block you on FB.
    Oh and I am a professional architect so I know what I am looking at when I see a plan like that. Maybe they will surprise me, but that is a very uninspired starting point.  Hopefully just their starting point.

  • Buffarcho-regionalist

    David Steele statastic Oh, you are…
    Give me your company name so I can never use it

  • meanoldman

    I am totally in agreement with Black Rock Lifer.  The green space behind the existing building is a mini nature preserve and should be saved.  In the 14 yrs., I worked there I enjoyed eating lots of raspberries, grapes and wild Strawberries, also saw rabbits, a skunk and actually saw a turkey back there once !  At the top of the over 100 year old Horse Chestnut tree there is an active nest for a pair of Coopers Hawks, and I was able to watch them raise their young several years.  If I am not mistaken, when Catholic Health wanted to expand the parking the zoning board would not allow them to eliminate the green space, or take out the Chestnut because of the Hawks nest.  I truly hope they reconsider and keep the yard as is !!!  Or at best I think the city should stop them !

  • meanoldman

    Black Rock Lifer you are correct, it would be a great loss to the community to lose that mini Park like setting !

  • aojwny

    meanoldman Thanks for letting us know more about the garden there.  More and more I am not liking the plan they have presented.  It totally wipes out every living thing that is on the property now. To see that chestnut go would be a real crime.

  • micahh64

    David Steele statastic 
    “Oh and I am a professional architect so I know what I am looking at when I see a plan like that.”
    I eagerly await your submission/renderings . . .

  • Cars Are Good

    David Steele statastic Let’s see your better design then.