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Larkin Links is a Wondrous Riot!

A pink ribbon cutting was held for the new Larkin Links miniature golf course earlier this morning.

Friends of the Larkin District gathered to watch the unveiling of the nine hole plus golf course that was designed and built by a number of talented community members and groups. The various challenging and tricky holes include the dreaded half pipe (ugh!), The Foundry (with living roof), Ladder 5 and Engine 32 (built by the guys from the neighboring fire station), mini Larkinville (with food truck), the sorely missed H-O Oats (welcome back), the 18th Hole at Pebble Beach (with water hazard), a Larkin soap bar (with bubble machine), Holeski (a water ski with hole – bonus round), a billiard table (creators drove eight hours to get to Buffalo, ate a pizza at Hydraulic Hearth and then drove eight hours back), Buffalo’s radial street grid (don’t get stuck on Mohawk Street), and DOT (now lovingly hailed as Larkinville’s “Mirror Room”).

Larkin Links is free to play. The balls and the old fashioned putters are available all week long, as are the score cards. There is a ball cleaner for the pros (like Harry Zemsky, who has already mastered the course). Along the way there are a number of mind benders, some trick shots, and plenty of Buffalo memories to be made.

I’ve played miniature golf before, but was never that much of a fan… until now. There’s something very endearing about this course. What a blast it was to hit the ball around with some friends. Each course is completely unique, and, at times, mystifying.

With the addition of Larkin Links, visitors to Larkinville now have a plethora of fun-filled games to choose from, including shuffleboard and pickleball. A day spent with friends and family in this district is a day well spent away from the computer and TV set.

So come on down to Larkinville, grab a putter and choose a colorful ball. See if you can best your opponents. You might even get to enjoy an Arnold Palmer if you’re lucky… just look for the Director of Fun and she will lead the way!

Larkin Links | 763 seneca Street | Buffalo, New York

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