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Gentlemen Progression

The following interview is with Ozzy DaSilva, owner of a new consulting business called Gentlemen Progression, which offers lifestyle advice to men. From style tips to dating advice, there are guys out there who are in need of some help, whether it’s a complete overhaul or simply some fitness pointers.

When it comes to lifestyle choices, what are the three essentials that every man must cultivate in order to succeed in the day-to-day world?

I believe that every man should choose to exercise his mind, body and soul, for these things will help when he decides to exercise their finances.

What is the average age of your clientele?

My client’s ages range from 22 to 45 yrs. old.

How does a guy know that he needs help? 

The thing is that we as men know when we need help, but what stops us from getting help is our pride. If you are single and looking for love, looking to rekindle the romance in your current relationship, or just not happy with your current situation, then consider the services of Gentlemen Progression.

If you do not like what you see in the mirror because you are out of shape, or you are involved in an exercise program; however, you are not seeing results you want, then you should consider GP services. If your wardrobe is outdated, and you want to build a new wardrobe whether it is a casual, formal, social or professional style, we will develop an individual style that is unique to you and your personality.

954830_494366840721344_5643038232322534042_nWhat is the average client more concerned about? Being in a strong relationship or having a good job?

Being in a strong relationship for sure. Most of my clients are financially secure. Having a strong relationship is one of the reasons why they seek my help. Gentleman Progression assists with building a solid foundation for developing strong relationships that helps guys to find true and secure happiness.

What’s worse? Dirty fingernails or bad breath?

Bad breath, no question about it. I had a young woman tell me once, “My speed date guy was an 11 out of 10, but I was counting the seconds for the bell to ring because his breath was so bad it was making me gag.”

You offer a number of different services in the following categories: life coaching, fitness, dating, and style. How do you assess the importance of each? Aren’t they all tied together? If you can fix one, does that fix another? 

I would like to clarify and say that the services fall under the general category of Life Coach. Services provided under that are fitness – dating/relationship – wardrobe style consultations. As a result, from the initial consultation a determination is made as to “what” seems to be the more important direction to take in order to reach a specific goal. Some men may need all three services – some may only need one, but solving one need; in most cases, will not solve all.

Is there a formula that works for a lot of guys? For example, is there a salary bracket to aim for? An age that one should be thinking about buying a house? A certain amount of time working as opposed to being social?

No – there is no one formula. As individuals, we by nature have a certain type of coding within us that make us individuals. What works for one does not automatically work for someone else. I have to unlock the personality code, look at the environment, review the situational matrix, and then create a supplemental plan in order for the client to make positive – progressive – and/or fulfilling choices about life and love.

Are there telltale signs that a guy needs help? Dated shoes? Bad hair cut? Baggy pleated pants? 

Like I said, we know when we need help but what stops us from getting help is our pride. Dated shoes; as an example, is a big one. Shoes tell a lot about a man. If your outfit looks the same as your TBT pictures from years ago then it is time for change. When you are invited for a formal event and you wear the same thing you wore for your friends BBQ – then it is time to get some help. Listen, women love to compliment men more than they will ever compliment the next lady’s outfit, even if they truly love what she’s wearing, so if a lady hasn’t complimented you in a long time, then it’s time to get help.

Beyond the hair style and the clothing, what about a guy’s energy? Too forward? Doesn’t know when to listen? Is late to appointments? Wandering eyes when on a date… do you like to work with guys who need a quick fix or an entire makeover?

I will swap out men for automobiles. A man’s energy is like the gasoline you put into an automobile. Depending on the type of fuel (low octane or high octane), the automobile will move forward with power and assurance. If you fill it up, you go farther. However, when you start running out of gasoline, the automobile will not go as far, slows down, and in some cases starts to sputter. Men function the same way – when we are full (choosing a better diet) we move forward, are driven, go places and can do (sometimes) amazing things, but when our energy level is low no one wants to be around us, we have difficulty moving forward, don’t want to be driven, and can’t go places.


As far as being too forward, men make this mistake a lot. The phrase “If I want it, I go get it” does not work with a woman you want to get to know. You need to let her know that you are interested, but give her room to decide if she wants you. Men, we see a girl and we know we want them, but females are different. They may take the entire night to decide if they want to exchange numbers with you. Do not be that man at the bar that buys a girl a drink and then follows her all night like a bodyguard, as if the $10.00 cocktail is the price to buy her. Also stop all the questions, it is not a job interview (i.e. What is your number? What is your IG name?). She has likely heard those questions from men all her life, be different do not ask for her number, give her your number and let her know that now she has the option of calling you or not.

I love the challenge that usually encompasses an entire make over. In the end, you just want to see your client transformation, and be truly be happy about it.

If a guy is reading this, and wondering if he might benefit from a session with you, what would you tell him?

I would say do it. If you are wondering, then you are already admitting that you need help. Put your pride to the side for your happiness. Gentlemen Progression has a proven formula that betters the person; it helps the single man or married man maximize their manhood by providing the necessary tools they need to succeed.

1471197_473957939428901_1829825884950019712_nWhat made you decide to start this business?

I was just like any other man working a 9 to 5 position. I had a good job but I just knew my calling was bigger. I was always the man my co-workers/friends came to ask for advice in regards to relationships, wardrobe, and fitness. I noticed how much my advice had made a difference for them. One day I woke up and began thinking that giving helpful suggestions could really change other people’s lives. Gentlemen Progression was born.

What’s the key to happiness? 

The key to happiness is you. It all starts with the person you see in the mirror every morning. When you are not happy, others around you will not be happy either. We must find that spot (key), that purpose (door) and then work on our mental, physical, financial and spiritual us. Your happiness is priceless.

Why can’t a guy figure out these things for himself?

Unfortunately, in life we do not have the answers to all of our questions and needs. The ones that say they do are the ones that are living in a bubble and not the world that we live in. Most men can only concentrate on one thing at a time for the most part. It is not that a man cannot figure it out; it is that they need guidance. For example, you may know how to put a computer desk together on your own but it will likely be easier to assemble and stay together if you use the manual to guide you. At the end of the day, Gentlemen Progression is just the manual to guide our clients.

Consulting, Stylist, Fitness, Dating

Ozzy DaSilva (716)715-7528

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