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Decay/Reverberate: Site-Specific Sound at Silo City

Experimenting with sound is becoming all the rage at Silo City, primarily due to the unique acoustic properties of the silos. The structures themselves, can be considered giant musical instruments, which can be played by a single person or by groups musicians and artists.

Coming to Silo City from June 11 to 14, 2015, Colin Tucker will be bringing an assemblage of local, national and international artists together to experiment with the structures and their inherent sound qualities. Tucker will be curating the exhibit through Null Point*, which is a local institution dedicated to experimental arts. The show will feature sound artists from 18 countries on 5 continents, who will be participating in a series of installations unlike anything we have ever dreamed, or heard. The artists will be focused on drumming up experimental music and sound art, in ways that might sound a bit uncanny.

For example, Shannon Werle‘s Filter Index will use the sprawling interior of Marine A to create a sound art installation by popping balloons in strategic arrangements. Through location and tone color, the end result will be unlike anything heard before, mainly due to the cavernous nature of the silos.

Clarinetist Krista Martynes and media artists Tom Stoll and Ezra Teboul will set out to create another installation called Slow Drip. The artistic work revolves around large bowls that will be placed high up in the silos, that will catch water as it drips down into the structure. The sound of the water droplets will be electronically converted into otherworldly audio impulses that will set the tone for the human performer, resulting in a feedback loop.

Buffalo-based composer Lena Nietfeld will utilize a broader silo landscape, by positioning five musicians throughout the silo chambers. Audience members will be invited to explore the chambers, listening to the sounds of the musicians as they use the silo walls and interior metal hoppers to create real-time environmental soundscapes.

Buffalo-born percussionist Brandon Bell will also be transforming the silo into a giant instrument – a gong. The installation will be based on James Tenney’s work Having Never Written a Note for Percussion. The resulting piece will engage the silo in ways that will cause the structure to sing, by raising and lowering a multitude of resounding frequencies.

Once again, we are seeing the silos used in ways that are truly imaginative and inspiring. These great halls are the perfect venues for experimental sound artists. Rarely does anyone have a chance to explore the historic structures in manners such as this.

Decay/Reverberate: Site Specific Sound @ Silo City

Full Event Schedule is available online at nullpointseries.wordpress

Day pass: $10/$8 students
Festival pass (does not include VIP preview): $25/$20 students
VIP preview: $20
Kids 12 and under are free
Tickets sold only at door; cash only

*A null point is a location where vector fields (e.g. magnetic fields) have zero strength, where fields cancel each other out: a space for art as a praxis of negation. WordPress | Facebook


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