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Spring Awakening: A Musical-Poetic Journey of Hope

Author: Catherine Miller

This Saturday May 9th, St John’s Grace Church in Buffalo will be graced with a special musical performance. Cory James Gallagher, Tenor Vocalist, and his sister Amy Gallagher, a professional Writer-Poet, offer a unique and remarkable concert experience. They both use their individual gifts to complement one another, weaving together Cory’s vocal talent with Amy’s poetry, taking people on what they refer to as a “musical-poetic journey.”


Amy shares, “My brother Cory, a supremely talented Vocalist, carefully selects an array of songs from different genres– all familiar and known. He chooses songs that uplift, songs that inspire. He arranges them in a very specific order, each song building upon the next. I then custom-write my poetry before each concert, interweaving it with the songs… taking people on a journey through different phases of life. It makes for a unique experience.” Their concerts are non-religious in nature, presenting universal human themes, that apply to all.

The duo focus on different life-themes for each concert experience. This concert, they will be focusing on the beauty of Spring, rebirth and renewal. Amy continues, “For many, it’s been a harsh winter. Many people we know have gone through things like profound loss, and illness. Now is a time to move past the darkness into the warmth of a new phase.”


There is a special section in this concert on loss and grief. Although it can seem like this is a heavy topic to address, the duo bring it forth in a way that ends up being  inspiring and uplifting. “People have commented to us that during this section, they feel their loved ones so near in their heart. And they feel touched and uplifted,” Amy shares.

The concerts are very well-received. Their last event in the Southtowns garnered hundreds of people, with powerful reviews, inspiring the duo to add an impromptu event in Buffalo this weekend, at St John’s Grace Church. Here is one the comments they received from an attendee: “Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a rich, deep, and luminous performance last night, with so many layers of themes weaving seamlessly into the next… musicians and various instruments… symbolic lighting and perfect, pristine, cathartic singing and prose… wrapped in generosity and compassion for all! Everyone was so touched and moved by the magic that took place.”

SpringConcert_AzureHarpCory and Amy offer their concerts purely by donation. They also extend their services to nursing homes, hospitals, private events and ceremonies, and soon will be sharing within the prison system. “This is definitely our passion and our love. I love seeing people in challenging situations get to simply relax during that time, and experience pure peace.”

Each concert also features Guest Accompanists. This concert, Sarah Rice will perform on violin; Frank Scinta & Linda Appleby on piano. Amy’s son Azure James will play the harp. Charles Anderson will share his guitar talent. Catherine Miller will accompany on a song. Elias Damian Benavides will provide masterful lighting for the event.

If you are looking for a bit of hope, uplifting and joy, come to  “Spring Awakening: A Musical-Poetic Journey of Hope,” at St John’s Grace Church, 51 Colonial Circle (near Bidwell & Lafayette) this Saturday May 9th at 7pm. Event is by Donation. A wine and cheese reception will follow.


Written by Buffalo Rising

Buffalo Rising

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