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Interview with Sylver (Model)

Author: Steven Bales

What college do you attend and what is your major? What year are you in now?

I currently attend Buffalo State College and just finished up my freshman year, whoo! I am studying Fashion Merchandising.

How old are you? Do you think your age will affect you as a model?

I am nineteen turning twenty in November. No, I don’t. Yeah it’s kind of better to start early for some people but I believe I am at a good age and it shouldn’t effect my modeling.


What is the name you prefer to go by as an aspiring model?

For some reason people couldn’t say my real name, Sylvia. So one day a girl called me “Sylver” on accident and it spread and stuck around. I use “Sylver” on all my social media sites and people call me that in person too.

So what is your ethnicity? You look pretty exotic…

Thanks! It’s funny because I just noticed people have been calling me “exotic looking” lately. I’ve never heard someone call someone else that before. But I am mixed with Korean and Black.

What parent represents each ethnicity?

On my father’s side his father was African and his mother was white and black so my father is mixed with those and my mother is full Korean. Which makes me Blasian. (Black and Asian).


Where did they meet?

When my mother was ready to leave Korea she married an army man and came to America. The only family she had here was her uncle who lives in New Jersey, but she had lots of Korean friends. She divorced the army guy and was single for a while. Then one of her friends was also friends with my dad so she decided to hook them up then voilà they dated shortly after that.

When did you realize you want to be a model?

I believe I got my modeling genes from my mother. She used to model in Korea but quit after she realized she was too short. When I was a baby she put me into beauty pageants and I won trophies. When I was three my mother and I visited her family in Korea and when we were at the mall a modeling agent came up to my mother and asked to manage me. My mother declined her offer because I would have had to live in Korea and possibly never see my father so she didn’t want that. So even as a baby people were telling me to model. As I got older and got into social media I would post pictures and people enjoyed looking at them and would actually look forward to seeing my pictures. When I got into high school Instagram started to become popular. I started to make my younger brother take my pictures to make my photos more than just selfies. I saw other girls that were models post their photos on Instagram and as I myself got a little popular I realized hey this is actually fun what if I did this for a living? Then I said to myself what do I have to lose?


Do you see yourself making a career out of modeling? And what makes you different from all of the other models in the industry?

Yes of course! Isn’t a job something you’re supposed to enjoy? Well, at least a dream job is and I want to be able to reach my dream job, which is modeling. What makes me different? My cousin wanted to manage a girl and took her to an agency in New York. She was a gorgeous white girl and was the right height and had a pretty face. The agency actually did not want her because she was not exotic looking enough. In the fashion industry today they are looking for unique models. People you do not see everyday and have other people stop and stare at them. I do believe I have that look but, I don’t think it is just about looks either. People enjoy working with me because of my personality. I am super friendly and fun. I respect them so they respect me back. I also have a good work ethic. When someone needs me or asks for me I immediately drop what I am doing and get where I need to be. I do this because modeling is my dream and I would do almost anything to get as many opportunities as I can. Another thing when I model is I know what I am doing. The photographers enjoy working with me because they do not have to give me any direction. I actually speak to people and learn about them instead of just working and leaving. It is one of the best things about modeling, you meet lots of great people.


What are your favorite genres & styles of modeling?

I never had favorite genres and styles I always just admire all work. I would enjoy doing all genres and styles because it’ll give me more experience and a wider range of job opportunities.

Who are some models you look up to and adore?

I love love love Cara Delevingne! She is so fun and unique and people admire her for it! She isn’t afraid to be goofy in such a serious environment and I really enjoy looking at her photos and watching her strut on the runway. I also love Asia-dee. She is not a big model but she has worked for pretty big companies such as American Apparel and Adidas. She is not afraid to do any job and looks great all the time even without makeup.


What is your dream modeling job?

My dream modeling job.. I would just love to work with multiple companies but one company I would be very excited to work with is Nike. I am a big shoe fanatic and I also work at Champ Sports so it would be pretty awesome to have my face in the store window of Champs or the Nike factory store modeling Nike gear. Oh! another place I absolutely love is Moschino!

What are the top three companies you want to say “I modeled for?”

Number one would be Nike. Number Two would be Moschino. Number three would be Balmain.

Does your family and close friends support you becoming a model? What are some negative comments you heard when you told people you want to model?

My second cousin is actually a published model and actor so I wouldn’t be the first model in the family. They support me I suppose. My father doesn’t say much about it. My friends enjoy and are really proud of me in my modeling because they know I love to do it and they’ve watched me from the bottom climbing up. I haven’t gotten any negative feedback on my photos only good. The only person who says anything close to negative is my mother. She likes to criticize some of my photos but other than that she says they look good. When I tell people I want to model they tell me I have the potential, I never got any negative feedback about it when I spoke about it either.


So being that you lived in Buffalo for almost a year, what are the things you like and dislike about the city? Will you ever go skiing, snowboarding or sledding in Buffalo?

Uhm yes! Can someone please take me skiing, snowboarding AND sledding?! I would very much enjoy doing those activities. I love the city it’s very beautiful and lots to do and lots of cool people. The only negative thing I would say is the weather of course. It’s so cold! And so much snow! It’s ridiculous!

What else do you want to do as a back up plan career?

My back up plan is what I am doing now, getting my degree. With my degree I wish to work as a stylist or just work for Seventeen magazine or a high fashion magazine. If not that, I would like to work for Nike as a merchandiser.


Thanks for your time and answering all these questions about your career as a model. Do you have any advice for young aspiring models like yourself?

No, thank you! And yes I do. I would say to just be yourself and believe in yourself. You can achieve anything if you have the right mind set. Also always be professional. No one likes a sloppy, ungrateful, rude model! If you love what you do show it and always appreciate the people that are helping you!

Buffalo Fashion Photo Shoot Credits:


Make Up Artist: Taitiana Brown-Santiago | IG:_calldapaparazziiii_

Model: Sylver | IG: sylver275

Second Chic Elmwood | IG: secondchicelmwood

Ms Eye Candy Boutique | IG: mseyecandyboutique

Bales Clothing |



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